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  • The floors are clean and unsticky. The dressing rooms still show signs of construction. “It’s so new you can get high off the paint,” says Jamie DeWolf to the second ever audience at Leo’s, a new music and performance venue in Temescal, which opened Thursday, July 24. Truthfully, though, there isn’t much paint in the […]

  • Recycled bikes, art bikes, vintage bikes, scraper bikes, even trikes, all came out to Jack London Square this past Saturday, July 26, to celebrate all things bicycle. Pedalfest, now in its fourth year, drew crowds of people to explore booths from local bike shops that displayed bicycle gear and gadgets, as well as activities for […]

  • Oakland Local is partnering with the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival to give away four pairs of tickets to the screening of Little White Lie at the New Parkway Theater at 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 7. Email wintickets@oaklandlocal.com by 3 p.m. on August 5 to be entered into the running. About Little White Lie Daring to ask questions […]

  • On Saturday, July 19, the clouds were high and it was a beautiful day at the Oakland Coliseum. At the Oakland A’s 25th anniversary tailgate party commemorating the famous “Battle of the Bay” between the A’s and SF Giants, fans displayed or carried posters and other personal icons from that incredible 1989 season. And, with […]

  • In the kitchen of a co-operative house in North Oakland, Jeremy Blanchard sautées squash and zucchini in a cast-iron skillet. He greets a roommate who has just come from work and helps another search for the best spot in the house for wireless Internet access. On the wall is a bulletin board titled “Gratitude,” where […]

  • Sarah Carlberg is trying to buy the magic bus. Her dream is to make a traveling free bookstore happen–a bookmobile–so that she and her co-conspirator Nnekay Fitzclarke can show up anywhere, anytime, and give out books when people least expect it. They want to make something fun, something that delights and disrupts people and gives […]

  • At the East Bay Children’s Book Project, we give away books to organizations working with children in need, because – as our motto says – “every child needs a book.” But really, everyone needs books, and isn’t it great when you can get them for free? Here are a few places in Oakland where any […]

  • If I let on that, here in Oakland, there is a graphic design business, a bakery, a design-build firm, a business incubator and a bicycle courier company that all have one very important similarity, what would you guess it is that they have in common?  Say… you’re right: They are all worker-cooperatives. What a guess! […]

  • First off, Oakland, we double-dog-dare you to be bored on Saturday. There are some brand new and one-of-a-kind events this week, too, and so few meetings, it’s clear that the people who would normally be holding them want to join in the fun. It’ll be a challenge NOT to have crazy fun this week. Enjoy! […]

  • “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.” — Albert Einstein Woody Allen’s newest […]

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