Slideshow: Pacific Ring’s “Showdown in Oakland 9”

Professional boxers have reached a point of skill, strength, speed, will, and physical condition that most of us could never conceive of for ourselves. And when these qualities are put to the test in a professional match, it’s great to watch. There is glitz and glamour, power and struggle, and bursts of action that bring viewers to the edge of their seats. Some fights–the memorable ones–might sustain that action for all twelve rounds; and some fights have so little action that you might find yourself spending more time looking at the audience: “Hey, isn’t that that guy from that movie?”

But amateur bouts are another story. The bouts are much shorter than those of the pros, but they are packed with action from beginning to end. So was the case on Saturday at Pacific Ring Sports, on 40th Street in North Oakland. Starting with the small boys whose gloves swallowed their small arms up to their elbows, to the young men whose punches, when making clear and clean contact sounded like mini explosions, there were no dull moments (at this particular event there were no women competing, however in August the annual Beautiful Brawlers event, held in Pacifica will feature an all-female lineup of boxers). One bout after another boxers fought as if their lives depended on it, and from 12pm to sometime in the three o’clock hour, 30 boxers–in 15 bouts–had given it their all, and then just like that, it was over. The following is a slideshow from the day’s event.
All photos by Sarah Brennan, used with permission. All rights reserved.

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