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It was quite the year at Oakland Local. We dug into education coverage, focusing on the school system and local organizations that serve youth, on zoning and development downtown, on the tech boom, the food scene, and Oakland’s amazing arts and culture.

This was the year we launched 4 going out guides–Meg’s List, This Weekend in the Yay! Oakland Social and Oakulture, and the year we started to write not just about food justice but about great places to eat and buy food, and about food artisans, manufacturers and vendors

So what were the most read stories?

Interview with a Porn Star: Lorelei Lee on sex, gender, and “Public Sex, Private Lives.”











Time-lapse movie of SF-Oakland Bay Bridge construction is cutest ever construction video

OL top story 2 BB










Oakland Social: 50 great things to do in Oakland this summer

top stories 50 2013








Oaklanders Respond to Controversial KQED blog post (Opinion)

KQED story top









Oakland real estate soars: Another bubble?

real estate june 2013 OL top









Also hot:

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