Caption 1: In a photo published Christmas Day, President Obama poses in a tiara  with Girl Scout Troop 2612 of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo credit: Pete Souza Share

My Princess President

Imagine my surprise and delight to be presented on Christmas Day with a lovely and unique gift: a photograph of President Barack Obama wearing a tiara, surrounded by similarly crowned Girl Scouts. The photo...
Oakland graffiti artists Mike “Bam” Tyau (left) and Norman Chuck (a.k.a. “Vogue,” right) stand proudly with their newest creation in West Oakland. Photo by Anna Vignet. Share

Best of 2014: Top 5 Oakland culture stories

Oakland's arts/entertainment/culture scene is as vibrant, diverse, and exciting as the town itself. 2014 in Oakland has meant new books, new fashions, great shows, the National Poetry Slam, and many many...
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Best of 2014: Top 5 Oakland leader profiles

Who has been shaping Oakland's landscape? At Oakland Local, we've been honored to profile exceptional leaders in business, in politics, in technology, and in the arts. The following five stories give a peek...
Antwan Wilson of Denver is nominated for new OUSD superintendent Share

Best of 2014: Top 5 Oakland education stories

Youth are our future, and Oakland Local is committed to covering education issues and keeping everyone in the loop about what's going on in our school district. From administrative changes, to achievements by...
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Best of 2014: Top 5 Community Voices stories

The Community Voices feature is at the core of what Oakland Local is about. Over the years, contributors from the community have used this platform to share their thoughts on a large and diverse number of... Share

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with staying in on New Year's Eve, or hanging out with a small group of friends, but sometimes it’s fun to get out and celebrate the New Year with a crowd of revelers. There are...

Profile: José Corona, Inner City Advisors

By Burt Dragin José Corona’s funky workspace suits him fine. The cavernous building on Fourth Street in Oakland’s industrial downtown once functioned as mayoral campaign headquarters for Jerry...
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Pitch Mixer’s Ayori Selassie: Helping startups succeed in Oakland and the Bay

Photo by Tamara Orozco Having been born and raised in West Oakland, it is safe to say that Ayori Se has developed a deep connection to her native city. Growing up as one of eight children, Ayori’s...
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Why Oakland’s a tech start-up game changer

Oakland-based Mindblown Labs put gaming into education and garnered the largest Kickstarter campaign for any mobile game ever. E-commerce site Mayvenn found an unserved market and is growing 40 to 60 percent... Share

Filipino Hip-Hop Activists take a stand in Oakland

There is a large Filipino community in the Bay Area that organizes and fights for better workers' rights and educating youth of color. There are groups within this community that address these issues through...