First of all, thank you to all of you that voted for Hack the Hood and sent our message out to the hundreds of people it took for us to win last week. This really feels like a tight-knit family sometimes.

A lot of our a top posts last week were about upcoming events and happenings. If you’ve been looking for a way to celebrate the summer, just keep abreast of Meg’s List. She sifts through dozens of invitations a week and pares it down to the most intriguing 30 or so for our calendar. Or, as many of our readers seemed to agree, you can just head down to Lake Merritt.

The other big hits included Oakland by the Numbers which takes us through some bizarre data points. For example, did you know the peak Google Trend Rating of the search keyword “Oakland” was reached in September 2004? Our current search volume is at approximately half the rate it was at its peak. Any clue what was happening in 2004?

Our update on the Affordable Housing at MacArthur BART Station says to expect the project to be complete within a year. Can’t wait to find out who moves in.

Two education pieces were big this week: one about a new OUSD policy to rein in school police after an overly-violent incident on campus. The second is a report on a lawsuit against the state alleging that low-income students have been denied academic instruction time due to excessive and misguided “service” or “work experience” curriculum.

Lastly, if you read Chinaka Hodge’s piece in SF Magazine about her experience with a gentrifying Oakland, you know that she is one of the most lucid voices coming out of this city right now. Matt Werner has this article about her new play, Chasing Mehserle: a must-read for Oaklanders.

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