In the Trulia office in the Financial District of San Francisco, there is a large framed article about the use of real estate numbers in Chinese culture, and how the numbers 4 and 6 are considered inauspicious for real estate because they are weaker than 3, 5, 7 and others. It is important to underline that the idea of “luck” or “auspiciousness” in China does not mean chance, but opportunity.

Forbes called these beliefs “superstitions” which is interesting but racist, or maybe Orientalist, given that we all operate superstitiously in the United States. All it takes is a glimpse at the work of local author Philip K. Dick, whose life was a kind of experiment of hyperstition, which is the process of converting something from mundane into sacred capacity by honoring and appreciating it. We think Oakland is important because we think Oakland is important. The more important we think a building is, the more important it becomes. In the process it begins to look less like a physical piece of real estate than a metaphor for human aspiration. Here is Oakland by the real estate numbers.

90 real estate listings on Trulia have 5 or more beds.

26 real estate listings have 5 or more baths.

$2,995,000 will buy you the 6,648 sq. ft. 66 Beechwood Drive, which has 5 beds and 6 baths.

$172,000 will buy you a 3,584 sq ft piece of real estate on MacArthur Blvd., which has 8 beds and baths.

In the 94609 zip code, you can pay less than $400,000 for a listing on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way or Shattuck Ave., or $787,806 for a 5-bed, 2,704 sq. ft. house on 41st St.

Every week, #OaklandByTheNumbers, brought to you by OaklandLocal, will present a series of numbers about your city.

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