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Healing Oakland’s youth workers (Community Voices)

By E.J. Pavia, Youth Coordinator at Urban Peace Movement The comforting smell of burning copal and sage filled every inch of a sixth-floor office space as the soft sounds of West African drumming resonated...
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Concern about education and Oakland youth (Community Voices)

By Chela Delgado, an OUSD Teacher Photo by Matthew Paulson, licensed under Flickr Creative Commons Superintendent Wilson’s Call for Quality Schools will not help us to build quality schools. Don’t...
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RE: the Living Wage Ordinance

On February 10,  Oakland City Council's committee for economic development voted unanimously to waive the Living Wage Ordinance for the Walgreen's being built at the corner of Seminary and Bancroft...
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From Ferguson to Silicon Valley, #blacklivesmatter (Community Voices)

by Idalin Bobe Roy Clay Sr. moved from his home of Ferguson, Missouri to Silicon Valley over 30 years ago to make his way among the booming industry and endless sunshine of Northern California. He...
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Minimum Wage and Lift Up Oakland: The Morning After

By Sal Bednarz, owner of Actual Cafe & Victory Burger Much has happened since I wrote my original piece in Oakland Local about minimum wage, Lift Up Oakland, and why I supported a higher wage for my... Share

Mentoring is a two-way street (Community Voices)

By mentors of Boost! West Oakland Children in West Oakland face many challenges, including unstable home lives due to poverty, incarceration and substance abuse. Their parents, many of whom lack functional... Share

It’s not just about youth mentorship, but partnership (Community Voices)

By Erik Sakamoto, Youth Radio’s Chief Operating Officer. Youth Radio is an award-winning media production company and youth development organization based in Oakland. Over the past thirteen years since...
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OreMi on the meaning of mentoring (Community Voices)

By Thembi Williams, OreMi Mentoring Program Supervisor “Being a mentor has made a huge impact on me. It prepared me to become a dad. It’s also reminded me of the importance of community.” – OreMi...

Profile: José Corona, Inner City Advisors

By Burt Dragin José Corona’s funky workspace suits him fine. The cavernous building on Fourth Street in Oakland’s industrial downtown once functioned as mayoral campaign headquarters for Jerry...
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Turf Dancing From Street to Subway (VIDEO)

Cross-posted from YouthRadio Oakland, Ca. has always had a prominent art scene grown organically “on the block” by the city’s youth. One trend that’s made its way from inner-city Oakland...