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Lovell Mixon: New indie film to retell story of Oakland cop-killer (Arts)

Ask any long-term Oakland resident about the events of March 21, 2009, and you’ll get a response that is tinted either with chagrin or thrill. “Oh, yeah, I remember that day.” Referred to as the...
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BookZoo’s Erik Lyngen just keeps innovating

Book Zoo, like most great ideas, was born out of the back of van. Erik and his wife Sarah were driving around the country in their van more than a decade ago, stopping in at thrift stores to buy records and... Share

Love letter to Oakland (Community Voices)

Hey Oakland, Well, we’ve been together for a long time now. Years, really. And we’ve had such good times. Remember when we first met? The day I was born? You were so good to me then, and while we were...
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An article about gentrification in Oakland that isn’t going to make you feel good about yourself (Community Voices)

Pilar Reyes has a message for new wealth moving to Oakland Everybody knows that San Francisco is experiencing yet another tech boom and that this means a new era of prosperity for the city. As an observer...