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David Roach


Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Oakulture: Town Futurist Sessions imagine hip-hop as ritual space; Highlights from OIFF #12; Eesuu Orundide’s bittersweet ‘Sugar’

Afrofuturist hip-hop in Oakland? Yes, yes, y’all. The cosmology of beats and rhymes and cyclic reality of cipher sessions has manifested through the Town Futurist Sessions, a monthly party at the Legionnaire which envisions avant-garde, often improvised, live hip-hop throwdown as ritual space:  a place where the sacred and the spiritual meet experimental electronic rhythms.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Oakulture: “Queendom” responds to ‘rachet rap’ and ‘hoodrat R&B’; OIFF offers a platform for developing Oakland’s indie film scene

Formerly held at Berkeley’s La Pena, “Queendom” came to Oakland for the first time this year. Produced by “Vinyl Mama” DJ Zita, a popular record-spinner who holds monthly residencies at the Layover, Lukas, John Colins, and Lazlo,...