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The EBCBP: Mentoring a Future Mentor (Community Voices)

The East Bay Children’s Book Project (EBCBP) didn’t set out to be a mentor when we opened our doors nearly ten years ago: we simply set out to give books to organizations that work with children in need.... Share

Literacy through the arts: an artistic approach to mentoring (Community Voices)

This article is cross-posted from Ayodele Nzinga's blog. Literacy through the Arts is practiced at The Sister Thea Bowman Memorial Theater Day Camp, in West Oakland CA, where participants are offered free... Share

Mentoring is a two-way street (Community Voices)

By mentors of Boost! West Oakland Children in West Oakland face many challenges, including unstable home lives due to poverty, incarceration and substance abuse. Their parents, many of whom lack functional... Share

It’s not just about youth mentorship, but partnership (Community Voices)

By Erik Sakamoto, Youth Radio’s Chief Operating Officer. Youth Radio is an award-winning media production company and youth development organization based in Oakland. Over the past thirteen years since...
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OreMi on the meaning of mentoring (Community Voices)

By Thembi Williams, OreMi Mentoring Program Supervisor “Being a mentor has made a huge impact on me. It prepared me to become a dad. It’s also reminded me of the importance of community.” – OreMi...
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Great programs for young people in Oakland

A new year means new opportunities for achievement and a renewed interest in hobbies that may have fallen to the wayside. January is National Mentoring Month, and as we roll out 2015, we’re highlighting a...
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How do we end jails for juveniles? Panel asks questions in Oakland, January 14

As socially progressive and innovative the United States considers itself to be, it might come as a surprise that more people are incarcerated here than anywhere else in the world. That same statistic applies...
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Best of 2014: Top 5 Oakland education stories

Youth are our future, and Oakland Local is committed to covering education issues and keeping everyone in the loop about what's going on in our school district. From administrative changes, to achievements by...

Emeryville’s Clif Bar discloses where its cocoa comes from

On December 5th, Emeryville-based Clif Bar, the popular energy and nutrition bar company, finally released the country origins of its cocoa, which can be found here. The Food Empowerment Project (FEP), a...
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Negotiations underway, Oakland’s superintendent offers teachers a big pay raise

After years of Oakland teachers salaries being the lowest in the region and causing a debilitating turnover, Oakland’s new superintendent is offering teachers a double-digit pay raise in negotiations that...