BRT near Seminary Avenue and International Boulevard, Oakland. Rendering courtesy of AC Transit. Share

New BRT rapid transit line may help seniors age in place in East Oakland

As AC Transit begins construction on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on International Boulevard in Oakland, we wanted to take a moment to consider the impact of the new transit design on one population that relies...
Caption 1: In a photo published Christmas Day, President Obama poses in a tiara  with Girl Scout Troop 2612 of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Photo credit: Pete Souza Share

My Princess President

Imagine my surprise and delight to be presented on Christmas Day with a lovely and unique gift: a photograph of President Barack Obama wearing a tiara, surrounded by similarly crowned Girl Scouts. The photo...
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Best of 2014: Top 5 Oakland leader profiles

Who has been shaping Oakland's landscape? At Oakland Local, we've been honored to profile exceptional leaders in business, in politics, in technology, and in the arts. The following five stories give a peek...
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Why Oakland’s a tech start-up game changer

Oakland-based Mindblown Labs put gaming into education and garnered the largest Kickstarter campaign for any mobile game ever. E-commerce site Mayvenn found an unserved market and is growing 40 to 60 percent... Share

Filipino Hip-Hop Activists take a stand in Oakland

There is a large Filipino community in the Bay Area that organizes and fights for better workers' rights and educating youth of color. There are groups within this community that address these issues through...
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Considering revolution after police brutality protests

Today’s America is a reactionary society: one that is immobilized by the daily grind until an event indicative of what oppresses us every day smacks headlines and neighborhoods, and it shakes us to show that...
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Conversation at a post Ferguson healing center. Will keeping them open help?

Young men and women, all about Michael Brown’s age, sat in a loose circle in a room at Youth Uprising, the popular youth center in East Oakland. Their faces were somber in their shades of brown and black and...
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Local black men come together in Oakland to discuss Ferguson, how to move forward

On Dec. 1, 20 young men of color dressed in everything from hoodies and jeans to slacks and dress shirts convened at Oakland’s Impact Hub for a frank, fishbowl-style conversation on the Ferguson grand jury... Share

A few words on Ferguson, Cleveland and NY (Community Voices)

The recent events in Ferguson, Cleveland and New York - the heartbreaking loss of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, three unarmed black males (two of whom were children, Rice just 12 years old), at...
Student teams on Soccer Without Borders play in Oakland Share

Video: Soccer creates leaders of Oakland’s immigrant students

They are refugees from countries where repressive governments or gangs frightened them to keep quiet. But here, the teenagers at Oakland International High School used their voices - and their new English...