Marina Saenz, 18, a participant in the YO! Youth Outlook media project, shares her views on the recent gang rape of a 15-year-old in Richmond, CA:

If I had witnessed the rape in Richmond, I wouldn't have said anything to the police or to the school because people get killed when you snitch on a gang.

The rape was messed up, but on some level, the young girl initiated it…

She didn't have to climb the fence to hang out with the guys who eventually raped her. In a way, she was looking for attention when she started drinking with a gang.

The people who took photos were probably part of the gang.

As long as gangs exist, there will be rapes like this one. People can't do much to lessen the frequency of rape, so long as gangs are still around.

Additionally, people will always want to watch incidents like this one because sex, even rape, is what every teenager wants or wants to see.




This youth perspective on the recent Richmond, CA gang rape is part of a series produced by Youth Outlook, a project of New America Media. This work was originally published Oct. 29, 2009. Republished and reformatted as a series on Oakland Local with permission.