The City of Oakland has been convening multiple public workshops aimed at producing a collaborative Specific Plan for the Central Estuary. At the next such event, to be held on Saturday, November 14, from 10:00 a.m. to noon, the City is seeking citizen input to identify which alternative plan, or parts of the alternatives, are the most appealing. Prospective participants should review the alternative plans (available at the Central Estuary Plan website) and be prepared for lively discussion and hands-on mapping exercises. From this meeting should emerge a preferred alternative plan. The ultimate goal is to create a specific plan for the Central Estuary that reflects a shared vision of community use, development, environmental priorities, and economic interests.

This effort is historically a community-minded one, closely linked with the League of Women Voters' and other organizations’ efforts to bring a vision of the rebirth of Oakland as a port city to the fore in the early 1990s. “In 1999, the City of Oakland and The Port of Oakland published the Estuary Policy Plan, a collaborative vision of the Estuary area as a vibrant, diverse destination that would redefine Oakland as a waterfront city.

This planning effort was a result of community interest in the future of the waterfront,” states the Central Estuary Plan's website. Overall area planning efforts then focused on community use and economic development. The next phase of planning focuses on the Central Estuary Area in particular. Goals for the plan include:

  • Defining a common vision for the Oakland Central Estuary
  • Providing a framework to support development and enhancement
  • Balancing land-use goals with environmental, economic, quality of life and health-related interests

In order to balance the diverse needs and interests of Oakland citizens and visitors, the City has been holding the series of public meetings to gain insights as to what the Plan should cover. Public participation in the Plan is encouraged. The City specifically recommends:

  • Get on the Central Estuary Plan email distribution list. 
    To be notified of all public meetings and decisions, make sure we have
    your contact information.  You can email us your contact information,
    or any questions or comments to:
  • Join us at scheduled community workshops. 
    Several community workshops are planned to develop the Central Estuary
    Plan.  Information about the dates/time/location of these meetings is
    provided in the Schedule + Meetings section of this website.

Maps and planning documents are also available at the site. Some documents may be downloaded in multiple languages.