While terrestrial radio is on the decline the sounds coming from your internet speakers has never been sweeter. No matter your genre of choice, a quick Google search will most likely have you swimming in new tunes faster than you can say “KMEL”. And with the launch of the new internet station All Day Play, the sounds of The Town’s top urban DJ’s are just a mouse click away. 

Making it’s official debut last week, All Day Play launched with an impressive lineup of local talent, including Davey D, Sake 1, Aebl Dee and Bay Area Sista Sound and has already been gaining a following in the Bay’s hip hop, electronic and soul circles. The station’s blog is a treasure trove of musical gems and features cuts and footage from some of the area’s most promising new artists and candid info on some of the vets. There’s also a social justice element that weaves a fair amount of cultural commentary and pop culture critique in with the mix of sonic slaps.

The station is a project of Youth Radio and the mix of entertainment and enlightenment is central to all of the organization’s programming. The award winning downtown multimedia training program (and Oakland Local partner) covers social justice and current events from a youth angle and All Day Play is the latest edition to a family of podcast and streaming audio that include the Youth Radio News, and Youth Radio Raw.

The station’s schedule is pretty diverse and ranges from breaking artists and underground jams to more mainstream fair and community commentary. Check out a couple of samples of the shows below and head over to the website for the full musical schmorgasbord.

Check out a couple of sample shows, Science of Breath, from Zion I MC Zumbi Zoom and see the website for the full lineup.

Science of Breath-Zumbi Zoom radio show from alldayplay.fm by OaklandLocal



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