Editor’s Note: This week’s Music Monday feature accompanies our weeklong series on green hip hop and Oakland’s urban eco movement with music from two of the scene’s leaders.  Fiyawata’s Ambessa the Articulate brings a straight ahead hip hop track while and Communitree’s Aaron “Ezra” Ableman blends in international beats.

Fiyawata-Green Light

Ambessa the Articulate, a Brooklyn
native and one half of Oakland’s own Fiyawata, brings soulful conciousness to the hip hop world. He is part of a growing hip hop scene that incorporates eco- into their consciousness.

Ambessa’s lyrics flow from the convergence of his music and life- “My wife and I have been vegetarian for close to a decade- we always thought to live natural, shop local and natural and we keep everything congruent with the natural cycles of the planet,” he says, and you can hear the cycles in his lyrics. 

Fiyawata’s track “Green Light Go” gets right to it with the chorus, “One for the people, one for the globe, one life to live let’s keep it eco… Green Light Go.” The track bumps with the energy and style of Public Enemy or KRS-One and raises up a message of environmental justice that blends with classic hip hop culture themes of social justice and power to the people.

 “We knew that what we had been talking about suddenly had a deeper meaning- Once we saw that, we knew that we could align our background with this movement and forge ahead, being socially conscious artists anyway.”

Look for Ambessa’s next release with Fiyawata to reflect the green side of hip hop and come out as a digital release to be as sustainable as possible.

Green Light – Fiyawata


Aaron Ableman-Podemos Cambiar El Mundo

Ableman’s music celebrates eco-awareness, community and connection. His message samples the diversity of his own world- he laces together vibes, lessons and sounds of the city with the teachings of ancestors, all rooted in his own youth spent on an urban farm in Goleta, California. A longtime Bay Area resident, his music gives the green movement reason to move.

In “Podemos Cambiar el Mundo” Ableman layers his lyrical, hope-driven call-to-action on a latin beat that makes your soul and your feet dance.

He begins… “Global solidarity- Local Law and Clarity/ Action, Compassion – Back to wisdom… We/ the people are trees and eagles…” and flows onward with messages and influences from across time and the globe, and a message of hope rooted in the immediate community. By the end, you sing with him… “This is a movement, emotions, roots and bodies/ We chant ‘til the break of song…”

Ableman prides himself on being in touch with food sources, water lines, life cycles, and natural forces, and you hear it his music.  His is truly a message from the heart wanting nothing less than to change the world. Dance to it.

Podemos Cambiar El Mundo – Aaron Ezra Ableman



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