Jody London, District 1 director of the Oakland Unified School District, will hold a workshop this Saturday to help parents learn how to get more involved in their children’s education.

Parents and guardians will learn to partner with schools to help their children succeed.  London said parents want to interact with each other to hear how they work through similar issues, from budget allocation and safety to fundraisers.

“With funding for schools at a crisis level, now more than ever, we need all hands on deck to make sure our children receive the education they deserve,” says London. 

There are many ways for parents to help out. Besides volunteering in classrooms or the office, which many parents may not be able to do, London will offer alternatives such as maintaining e-mail lists and phone trees; planning community building events; speaking to local businesses on weekends regarding support; and, her personal favorite, spending 20 minutes a week helping the student safety patrol.

The partnership starts when a parent gets the child to school each day, on time and ready to learn; the school provides a safe, rigorous and fun environment.

London said she has seen how strong parent groups help create strong schools and believes in empowering the community to form these partnerships.

The workshop will be held Feb. 27, from 9 am to noon, at Emerson Elementary School, 4803 Lawton Ave.  Food, childcare and translation will be provided based on RSVP information.  RSVP to