As a part of most peoples daily routine in Oakland a constant barrage of bumps and holes are ravaging their tires. Whether be it bike, car, or bus it affects everyone.

A select few people in the FunkTown neighborhood took some initiative and filled a gigantic pothole on 8th ave with bricks.

The first weeks of this project seemed to work great but as people started driving more and more over this hole-o-bricks, the bricks started to break and separate.

With the initiative set forth by the neighborhood by putting the bricks in the pothole it got the city to notice the problem, (Finally!) considering the pothole has been there for months before the neighbors took on the problem.

As of today the city has spray painted around the hole and has left a sign near by. It's nice that the city noticed the problem but sadly that it's been more than two weeks since the initial review of the site and there is still a big hole in the ground with broken bricks in it.

Hopefully the city of Oakland will keep up with this ongoing problem it has with potholes.