Happy Hump Day folks. As per usual, 38thNotes would like to update you regarding a few happenings in the local entertainment world from the past week. It was a good week for us, as we traipsed down to LA to hear the soul stylings of former Tony! Toni! Tone! front man Raphael Saadiq, posted an exclusive interview with Oakland emcee Do D.A.T., checked out Youth UpRising’s new skate park, and enjoyed new music from Vell4Short and Erk Tha Jerk, among other things.

The moments we documented only scratch the surface of all the fun things that happened, but hey, that’s what happens when you live in a boom town, and that’s an awesome problem to have!

Raphael Saadiq Plays UCLA’s Jazz/Reggae Fest

Raphael Saadiq has a reputation as quite an amazing showman, and he proved that yet again over Memorial Day weekend in LA. The Oakland native gazed out over thousands of Sunday festival-goers and seduced them to stand and sway with his vintage rhythms and punching horn blasts.

Having seen him many times before, I've had time to reflect on what a great performer he is, and am continuously impressed. He works the crowd, woos the ladies, sings, dances, showcases his stellar band, and airs out a catalog about as deep as Mary Poppins’s carpet bag. Check out his performance of “100 Yard Dash” below and catch him next time he comes to Town!

Youth UpRising Celebrates 5 years and new Skate Park

Youth UpRising (YU), the state-of-the-art youth center next to Castlemont High School, has recently opened a skatepark on the premises, presumably deep East Oakland’s first.The new outdoor digs adds yet another dimension to an already existing slew of amenities. Equipped with recording studios, film editing suites, job services, a health center, cafe, dance studio and amphitheater, YU epitomizes everything youth centers should look like and provide.

Now with a skate park, the center will hopefully attract a more diverse population of youth to the center, while also turning members of their core community on to a new activity.

Click HERE for more.

38thSpecial: Exclusive interview with Do D.A.T.

38thNotes recently sat down with Oakland emcee Do D.A.T. to discuss his musical beginnings and his recently released jazz/hip-hop opus, Oakland In Blue. We talked a bit before the actual release, but the project is out now, and given the critical acclaim it’s receiving, you should definitely cop it.

Oakland In Blue is an album based on Oakland and built on Duke Ellington samples. It features dope lyricism and top notch production from the likes of 1-O.A.K, Tayo Dubb, Will Bracy, Amansi Anansi, Maad
Tah and Mr. Knowitall of League510. Do D.A.T. is easily one of 38th Notes’s top 5 emcees in the Bay and has a live show that will knock your socks off. Don’t sleep on Mr. Dat Ellington.

Click HERE to watch the interview!

Vell4Short and Erk Tha Jerk release “Shirt n Baggy Pants”

Finally, we have a dope duet from 38th Notes’s favorites Vell4Short and Erk Tha Jerk. “Shirt n Baggy Pants,” went viral late last week giving us a soulful sound to ease into the weekend expressing the ‘let me do me’sentiment that many can identify with whether they rock baggy pants or not. The track gives listeners a glance at Vell4Short’s sense of humor, upbringing, and style, while Erk Tha Jerk approaches the song with a ‘look at me now’ attitude.

Click HERE to download.


Thanks again for joining us, we hope to see you out and about in the coming weeks. If you are looking for fun events to attend, make sure to check out the Featured Events sidebar over at our homebase, www.38thNotes.com