At the Johannes Merhserle trail in Los Angeles this am,  former BART Officer Johannes Mehserle took the stand to resume testimony.  When he got to the point in the narrative where he had to describe shooting Oscar Grant in the back, he broke down crying.

Wanda Johnson, mother of Oscar Grant, left the courtroon in disgust. Seconds later,  a  spectator in the audience stood up to leave.  As he walked out of the court room, he stated “You need to save those fucking tears for somebody else.”

The judge ordered the bystander to be arrested immediately; three deputies grabbed him and took him out.  Then, the judge ordered the jurors out  and asked to speak with the lawyers immediately. The deputies told everyone in the room to remain seated and refused to let anyone.

The identity of the arrested man is unknown, but he is believed to be from Oakland. A person who spoke out yesterday was prohibited from re-entering the courtroom.

All of this took place after a reporter from Youth Radio was barred from re-entering the courtroom and a contempt hearing was scheduled for him because the judge said his wireless device, which the court confiscated, was on during the court proceedings the previous day.

Just prior to court reconvening, the judge stated that “We are serious, I will clear this entire courtroom, family, media, everyone.”

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