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New Music

“Take Off” by Ca$h Rules featuring J. Myers

Cash Rules dropped by Streets Is Talking Radio to debut his new single “Take Off” feat. J. Myers. While “Here Now” with Netta Brielle was a note to haters and naysayers, “Take Off” offers promises of a glamorous lifestyle for a special young lady. From parties and shopping to acknowledging her past heart breaks and explaining that he’s different, Cash Rules paints a nice picture of his plan to upgrade the object of his affection. Add a sincere serenade from J Myers on the hook, and you’ve got a good song to vibe to with your future boo. Maybe even “travel first class to change the forecast.” Word to Jay.

DL: Take Off by Ca$h Rules featuring J. Myers


“I Know” by Erk Tha Jerk

 The word according to Erk is that he’s the realest. Try to dispute it if you want, but make sure you take a listen first. From the contradictions – hood ish Friday, suit and tie Sunday – to paying rent when the kids want Disneyland, the new street single “I Know” touches it without hesitation. Without apology he explains: “See I practice what I preach, you know the old saying/ Me, I’m what I am and y’all just role playing.”

DL: I Know by Erk Tha Jerk


“Pushin Away” by Netta Brielle

 Girl likes boy, a lot. Boy keeps “Pushin’ Away.” And Netta Brielle just dropped a track that breaks it down. Produced by Money Alwayz who also produced R.O.D.’s “I Can’t Stand You,” the song explores Netta’s desire to be with the one she loves despite the fact that he’s holding her off at a distance.

It’s kind of a sad story. But it’s easy to get caught up in the rhythm and Netta’s vocals to the point that you forget that this is a tale of unrequited love. On the other hand you may get so caught up in the lyrics and the “oh goodness I’ve been there before” feeling, that you are unable to resist the urge to sing: You, you keep on pushin’ away.

Fellas, you can sing too.

DL: “Pushin Away” by Netta Brielle


“Tonight” by Ashley DiAmante featuring GQ

 While The Introduction of Ashley DiAmante doesn’t drop until the end of August, you may already be familiar.  She’s featured on Beejus’ “Let the Beat Breathe,” and sings the chorus on a couple of GQ’s Blended 2 tracks. Now she’s adding verses to her hook-filled resume with the release of “Tonight.”

“The goal with ‘Tonight’ was to create a song with a good bounce that people could rock to in their car, but in the club also,” explains Ashley. The bounce and groove are definitely there as the Gravity Music Group songstress let’s a certain gentleman know exactly what she wants to do.

DL: “Tonight” by Ashley DiAmante


The Visuals

“Abrazame” by Los Rakas featuring Faviola

Their ability to blend hip-hop, dancehall and reggae in a way that bears little resemblance to reggaeton is unique and puts them firmly in their own lane. And while the Bay Area hip-hop scene has experienced a rebirth, Los Rakas is still fairly under the radar in their own backyard. That is not the case elsewhere however. The duo has been holdin shit down in NYC and can be found in The Fader religiously.

Their video for “Abrazame,” featuring Faviola and directed by Aris Jerome, gives you a little taste of their smoother side. The Gyptian sampled beat, later remixed by UpRoot Andy, fluxes between serenade and
slap, showing Los Rakas’ sonic range in the process… More


More on 38th Notes

In addition to dropping “I Know,” Erk also released a new video/commercial called “Summer,” which shows the MC in work mode prepping for shows and performing in Baton Rouge. Moe Green made it into one of the most notable and respected hip-hop magazines, XXL. You can check out the article and his latest video “KIM” on the site.  Critically acclaimed producer 9th Wonder introduces Oakland’s own GQ and talks about how the hoop star got his respect as an MC. Also, be sure to check out our piece “Remembering Jack ‘The Assassin’ Tatum.”