The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a large number of people who marched through the neighborhood around East 17th and 6th on Friday were “screaming, jumping on cars and smashing windows.” This is the LEAD paragraph.  Way down further in the story, the reporter concludes ” destruction was mostly limited to the windows of one East Oakland business and about a dozen cars.”  A little different, eh? (See Oakland Local’s LIVE video footage here.)

At the same time that much of the press is painting the march as an out of control riot, Oakland Poice Departmenrt released their stats on those arrested:  Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason said 56 of those arrested were from outside the city.  Where did they come from? Thomason’s statement said they were from San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Long Beach, Hayward and San Diego, among other spots.  The officer also characterized arrestees by age, saying thought brought in ranged from 17 to 55 years in age, with 7 Juveniles and the majority of the arrestees in their 20’s and 30’s. nvestigators will be reviewing video and photographs of protesters damaging property to help prosecutors file charges, according to Thomason.

See Oakland Local coverage here:

More photos from the day by Keoki Seu:

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