Oakland and Bay area musicians aren’t holding back in sharing their views via music and videdo. There’s a new song, The Verdict (Oscar Grant_ pulled togethet by HipHopCongress ft DLabrie, Orko, ScribeSayar, YDMC, Megabusive, Luicidal & more. The song is rough and bitter, protesting the racism and decrimination they see in a BART police officer getting off because of his badge–and because of the racism in the system.

“Stiff penalities is what we want for justice…but they dropped the ball. We’ve had enough..In the Bay he would have got what he deserved in broad day.”is one of the lyrics–and there are plenty more worth a listen.

THE VERDICT(OscarGrant) by HipHopCongress ft DLabrie,Orko,ScribeSayar,YDMC,Megabusive,Luicidal &more by DLabrie
Rap artist Dolla and DJ Shabazz also have an Oscar Grant tribute, made in October 2010:


And Gideon Force has a song called Operation Verdict @ OSCAR GRANT RALLY OCT.23.2010