Oakland’s Building Services Division has been a whirling source of mismanagement and misdeeds over the last decade.

Two scathing reports from the Alameda County Grand Jury over that time period blast the city division for having ethically-challenged inspectors, a horrible appeals process and punishing fines that have ruined some property owners.

Can Oakland revamp the department, which has also been the subject of  additional investigations by the county District Attorney, the City Attorney and the FBI? Oakland Local reporter Jennifer Inez Ward explains how the Building Services division got into such a mess.

This video is part of Oakland Inside – a continuing investigative news package that examines the inner workings of Oakland City Hall.

This our first Oakland Inside series, first published summer 2011, focuses on Oakland’s Building Services Division, or CEDA. Exploring  accountability issues around CEDA Building Services was made possible by a grant from The Fund for Investigative Journalism.

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