The findings of an outside investigators look into Oakland’s troubled Building Services division won’t be available until the Fall.

According to a report from Building Services to City Council, the final report from Management Partners is not expected until September – more than a year after the Alameda County Grand Jury issued its second report on the systemic problems within the department and its code enforcement unit.

Building Services has been under a microscope after the Grand Jury issued a scathing report of the division’s practices, which include excessive blight fines, a non-existent appeals process and rouge code enforcement officers that allegedly regularly harassed and intimidated Oakland property owners.

As result of the grand jury’s report – the second one within a 10-year span – a massive restructuring effort is underway.

In a recent report to City Council, Building Services provide updates on the internal reform efforts underway, including ongoing policy and cultural changes within the division.

According the Building Services, highlights of the changes include holding regular strategy sessions with the Oakland City Attorney’s office and partnering with the Alameda County Public Health Department. Building Services said it also has met with different property to resolve specific issues and liens have been pulled from property taxes for several cases. Prospective liens have been banned, according to the report, and outside officials are now serving as appeal hearing officers. The department is also developing an online website to access information about complaints.

New notices and procedures for addressing bank-owned blighted properties have been developed and implemented. The department also is developing system for handling complaints about city staff. An amnesty program also is in development, with an anticipated launch in May.

Building Services was once housed under the Community and Economic Development Agency before it was disbanded because of the loss of the city’s redevelopment agency.

The July 2011 report from the Grand Jury harshly criticized the division and its operational practices and said  Building Services dealt with owners in “an atmosphere of hostility and intimidation” and that the problems were systemic throughout the department.

A Cincinnati-based agency, Management Partners said it will create new approaches that can help Oakland obtain better code enforcement results by helping to add new tools and methods. In developing its procedures and performance measures, Management Partners said it will focus on identifying  specific policies and actions raised in the Grand Jury Report that, “should be addressed most urgently.”

To date, no one has been reprimanded for the the problems documented in the grand jury report.