On June 1, Urban Peace Movement’s Youth Peace Ambassadors will host a youth summit and peace festival in East Oakland for annual Silence The Violence Day. In preparation for the festival, our youth leaders are planning to do “Street Theater” to raise awareness, and to call for an end to the violence that has plagued Oakland recently.

The Youth Peace Festival, called “Turn Up for Peace” will take place on Saturday, June 1 at Unity High School in East Oakland. There will be workshops and performances at the event all focused on the theme of creating a more peaceful community.

Although other Silence The Violence Day events will take place all around the country, it all had its start right here in Oakland.

In the summer of 2006, when Oakland was experiencing a spike in violence, Urban Peace Movement founder Nicole Lee and Rudy Corpuz Jr. from United Playaz (SF) sounded a call to action that was heard across the Bay Area. The idea and message was simple – coordinated simultaneous vigils calling for an end to urban violence.

What started out as a call for three vigils across Oakland, blossomed into 21 simultaneous vigils across the Bay Area. This annual summer event has evolved into a national day of action with cities across the country participating.

Together, with our partners, we are helping to activate hundreds across the nation to Silence The Violence and create a hopeful, positive message that everyone has a role to play in ending urban violence. You can hear PSA’s about Silence The Violence Day right now on 106KMEL and you can take a Pledge to Silence The Violence at www.urbanpeacemovement.org.

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