We want to share some great news from MetWest and invite you and any friends who should learn about MetWest to join us for three upcoming events! First, the events, then the news…

This Weds. 5/22, 8:45 – 10:45 AM: Senior Thesis Project Showcase

Our seniors have spent much of the past
year researching and creating their very own Senior Thesis Project requiring them to identify and research a need within a community and then create a project to help address it that draws on the skills and networks they have built through their internships and internship searches.
Each senior’s project is different and each one is connected to things the student cares deeply about. You are invited to participate in a dialogue based showcase of these projects.
Location: The Great Room in the La Escuelita Education Complex: 1050 2nd Ave. Oakland.

Weds. 6/5, 8 – 10 AM: Exhibition Breakfast Fund Raiser

Teju presents

This event gives a deep view into how the school works!
Click here to RSVP!

Join us for a morning of “exhibitions” in which students showcase their unique internship-based and academic learning. Participate in a Q & A session with MetWest youth and adult leaders about our unique relationship-based, future focused, and rigorous approach to high school education.


If you or any potential MetWest supporter or partner want to see a MetWest exhibition but can’t make it on June 5th, we will attempt to arrange a personal visit to see exhibitions on any date from May 30th – June 11th.
To do so, please email greg.cluster@metwest.org.

Weds. 6/12, 3-5 PM: MetWest’s Graduation!

Graduation 2008 098
You are invited to our unique graduation ceremony at
Holy Names University, Oakland
Click here for tickets

In the Big Picture Learning tradition, all our seniors are valedictorians. Graduation is an change to hear each graduate and three mentors and families speak about their reflections on their years at MetWest. It is a heartwarming experience that gives a real sense of the
emotional power of our model and its transformational impact.

Exciting Data on our Graduates!

Longitudinal study released
When it comes to evaluating high schools, there is no data more convincing than longitudinal data. How well do students do after graduating? This data is rarely collected for public schools, but we’ve managed to do so. With the assistance of education research firm MPR Associates* and our tight-knit staff and alumni community, we managed to gather extensive data on our first 5 years of graduates (’06-’10). The results are wonderfully affirming:
Enrollment in four-year college within one year of graduating high school far outpaces the average for schools serving our population:  50% of our students enrolled in a 4 year college within one year of graduating MetWest. The national average for schools serving 50% or more students of color is 32%. In the case of MetWest, we serve 95% Latino and African American students with 72% qualifying for free/reduced lunch, making the data even more important. 

Once they get to college, they stay! 91% of our graduates who started college right after graduation returned for a second year. This far outpaces national averages for our demographics.

Enrollment in two or four-year college two years out from graduating high school beats the average for all high school graduates nation-wide: The national average of young adults attending 2 or 4 year college two years after graduation, is 62%. That rate for  MetWest grads is 70%. That is astounding given the obstacles facing many of our students, and speaks to the navigational skills and perseverance we prioritize in our model.


Internships led to jobs for those who needed it most: Of our graduates who were not in school, 74% report having gotten a job through an high school internship connection.


*If you would like a copy of the complete report from MPR Associates please email greg.cluster@metwest.org.

Recent Media and Public Attention

This article in New America Media highlights the story of 2013 Senior Da’Vahn as well as MetWest’s role in helping lead the way in Oakland’s Linked Learning high school reform efforts.


This article in Richmond Confidential tells the story of 2012 alumnus Jamaree’s college basketball success and how his uniquely supportive experiences at MetWest helped him overcome the challenges that might have stopped him.
Great Footage From last spring’s 10th Anniversary Celebration:
For those who missed MetWest’s 10th anniversary luncheon last year, we thought we’d send you clips of some great moments:

Click here to watch Tony Smith, Oakland’s Superintendent of Schools talk about the importance of the school in Oakland and the country.

Click here to watch Oakland’s Mayor Jean Quan share her vision for how internships change lives, and her belief in MetWest.

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