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By Jordan Williams

Her name was Raquel. She got killed…shot, her and her friend a couple months back. I would say like, October. I’m not sure what exact month, but over here on High Street and Brookdale or Brookdale over there by High Street. And she was shot, her and her friend both.

People were saying that she was just arguing with some dude or whatever, and that he was like, a pimp or something and that basically he came to kill her and her friend but, I mean, that doesn’t sound right.

So I don’t really believe that story. I guess maybe they thought her and her friend were someone else and they turned out not to be the right person, maybe. But you know it was sad.

When things like this happen, some people are like really ignorant about the situation – meaning that, people are around just talking about the situation, don’t really know the story.

They’re like “Oh well that’s what he gets. He should never have been doing this or she should never have been doing that.”

You know like, you don’t know what happened you weren’t there.

The news people weren’t even there. So when people say “Oh the news said this and the news said that,” they’re just getting all their information from people…from sources or people who claim they were there but probably weren’t there. You know? So it’s sad that, you know, things like this happen.

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This story and the entire Educational Voices series were made possible through the support of The California Endowment. Our student reporters for this series are participants in programs at The East Oakland Youth Development Center in East Oakland. Many thanks to the Endowment and the Center for the support of this program, and to our wonderful coaches, trainers and student reporters.

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  1. cherisa Milan

    It’s sad that our children have to grow up scared to walk the streets. Every kid knows someone that has been murdered, sad


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