By Kahmaria Adams

Nine students from the East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC) travelled to New York City and Connecticut last April. There they visited colleges, met the president of American Express and met the co-host of Good Morning America. Students also visited the United Nations. For some students it was their first time flying.

The students were chosen because of their academic leadership and improvement on their leadership skills. All of the students except one are in high school ranging from 10th grade to 12th.

The day of the trip, April 23rd, students met at the EOYDC at 5 o’clock a. m. and took off from the Oakland International Airport at 6am in the morning. While away, students visited four colleges: NYU (New York University), Columbia University, and School of Visual Arts. Columbia University was the group favorite because it was big and had a lot of people. Of the three Columbia had the highest graduation rate, something youth were focused on as many are in the process of deciding what to do after high school.
Students returned on April 28th.

“Most people thought they would be stuck in Oakland forever and that there aren’t any opportunities. When I went there, there were a lot of eye-openers,” said Marisa Jolivette, an EOYDC student and high school junior who was part of the Pathway to College – New York College Tour.

For my part, the trip was important for because it helped me see all the different jobs in the industry that I am interested in. It was definitely an eye-opener for all opportunities.

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