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By LaKeisha Harris

I got on the bus and I sat next to this lady, she looked about in her mid-50s and there was this teenager, approximately 21, I would say. I guess the lady had stepped on his shoe and he said something and she said ‘Oh get over it’ or something like that. So he punched her in the mouth.

There was blood all over. The bus stopped and they called the police. The bus driver, when he heard everyone screaming and yelling, he ran back there.

A lot of people were scared. I was scared, too.

It was the bus I usually take from school.

Every day is different. I normally don’t see nothing like this. Normally I might see people yelling at each other but I don’t see old ladies getting hit.

Generally I do feel safe. Sometimes, though, if I take the bus to East Oakland I kind of worry because there’s a lot of violence going on there.

I walk to school. My walk is normal, I’m not that far from school, like 15 minutes. I don’t worry about safety. I used to worry because, like if there are bad people out there like sex offenders or kidnappers. I walk with friends.


This story and the entire Educational Voices series were made possible through the support of The California Endowment. Our student reporters for this series are participants in programs at The East Oakland Youth Development Center in East Oakland. Many thanks to the Endowment and the Center for the support of this program, and to our wonderful coaches, trainers and student reporters.

Follow the entire series here: http://oaklandlocal.com/?s=saferoutes

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