Permaculture enthusiast Nick Bellizzi recently completed an interesting short video project, entitled, “Flight of the Bees,” which is available here. From the point of view of being hot on the trail of bees as they go about their business, the camera follows these important pollinators around and through various flowers and plants.

Bellizzi’s recently-posted video has been receiving positive attention, both for its camera work and its content. If the flora and fauna are familiar, they should be: the backdrop is Lake Merritt.

When asked what inspired him to create the short piece, he responded that Lake Merritt has been instrumental in his recent focus on the horticultural aspects of permaculture — and that his  fascination with the colony of bees living and working there formed the basis for wanting to document some of their doings.

“Now with colony collapse and the myriad other issues: loss of territory, pesticides, mono-cropping… I’ve taken a deeper interest in trying to help them out as our lives and theirs are in the same interconnected boat, dependent on the pollination,” Bellizzi said in a recent email exchange with Oakland Local staff.

Perhaps one of the best things about the short piece — aside from its surprisingly smooth flight simulation and capturing of the characteristic busy-ness of the colony members — is that it seems especially hopeful and joyful. This also reflects its creator’s outlook. “I see a lot of potential taking place now with bees, especially here in the Bay Area, with education about them and helping them to have a home here in the hustle and bustle of the city, planting bee plants and understanding where we are and the ecosystem around us.”

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