Hello fellow YaY! Area peeps!  Ya know I got nothing but love for ya baby!  And this weekend my love is abundant.  In case you haven’t heard, we are rollin’ up on San Francisco Pride, one of my favorite times of the year!  So much going on in our sister city SF, and still so much fabulousity right here in the East Bay!  Just a quick head’s up, this week and next you are going to see lots of events in this column happening in SF so make sure you make a mental note on which side of the bridge you need to be on to attend any or all of these events.

This Sunday, there is a groundbreaking, and I mean GROUNDBREAKING event, happening called White Lies. White Lies brings humor and hope to conversations about race and racism in the United States through music, dance, film and theater blended together in a multimedia performance that will leave you inspired to think, learn, discuss and act.  This week I interviewed two of the performers who are in White Lies, and it was both exciting and enlightening.  The journey of traversing race and racism is long and hard, but so worth it.  Read on my fellow travelers, read on.

Co-Producers Meredith Fenton and Krista Smith

Co-Producers Meredith Fenton and Krista Smith

Miz Chris [MC]:  Where are you from?

Jezebel Deliah [JD]:  I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I moved to San Francisco in 2005, a few months shy of 21, and eventually found a home in the East Bay.

Krista Smith [KS]:  I’m originally from Lexington, Kentucky.  I left Kentucky in 1999 to attend graduate school in Santa Barbara, Calif.  Two years later I moved to Seattle where I lived for four years.  I have been living in Oakland since 2005, and think of it as home now.

[MC]:  What is White Lies about for you?

[JD]:  White Lies is about a group of Queers, already invested in anti-racism, who find themselves summoned away from their regular lives in order to more deeply reflect on, heal from and address the ways racism and white supremacy impact their understanding of self, community, sex, partnership, family, spirituality, heritage and activism. It’s about people holding themselves accountable, being allies and creating the sort of community and society we dream about living in.  It’s a love song, a comedy, a call to action and some fierce healing.

[KS]:  White Lies is about White Privilege, White Supremacy, Compulsory Whiteness, Racism, and how these things play out in our communities, in our relationships and even on our bodies.

Storm Miguel Florez & Nomy Lamm, White Lies performers

Storm Miguel Florez & Nomy Lamm, White Lies performeron our own bodies.

[MC]:  Tell us a little bit about the history of White Lies and how you became involved.

[JD]:  White Lies began with Krista Smith and Meredith Fenton, as a performative project for queer white people to address the ways that queer white performance community participates in and sustains racism and white supremacy. In the proccess of developing this project, they realized the performance needed to include the voices and narratives of queers of color as well. When Krista approached me, I had just decided to take a hiatus from performing and work on writing my novel. But I was deeply compelled by the generative intentions of the performance, the collective process going into the production and the super famous queer performers who I’d get the opportunity to work alongside. I felt a little bit like a freshman getting invited to take a class with superstar graduate students, and I am so deeply thrilled.

Susie Smith and Jezebel Delilah, White Lies performers

Susie Smith and Jezebel Delilah, White Lies performers

[KS]:  As an active member of the LGBT Drag & Burlesque community for 14 years, it has been devastating to see the ways that white privilege and racism have played out on queer cabaret stages.  Meredith Fenton and I wrote a proposal to have a collaboratively created production addressing White Privilege, Compulsory Whiteness and White Supremacy be a part of the 2013 National Queer Arts Festival.  While our original intent was for the production to be an all-white cast talking about white privilege and white supremacy, our artistic vision expanded as mixed-race folks, who grew up in homes with both white and POC parents, expressed that they had a lot to say about compulsory whiteness in particular.  Our vision continued to expand as the cast became multiracial and the focus of the production expanded to be more about racism in general, and how that plays out in our queer communities and personal relationships.

[MC]:  Why were you personally interested in seeing a work like this come to life?


Jezebel Deliah

[JD]:  I initially was unsure about my role in this performance because outside of a few teachers, I never had any White People in my life until I moved to San Francisco and started college. However, with a bit of reflection, I realized that Whiteness has always had a center stage in my life regardless of whether their were actual white people around. There were white bodies and stories and families on my television sets, in my books, on the radio, in the things we studied at school—there was whiteness everywhere. I used to believe in meritocracy and individualism and making changes from the inside out. I thought I could achieve equality and justice through the accumulation of financial prosperity and academic success. My values were sculpted by whiteness. While I found myself thriving in certain ways, I realized that some of my success was at the expense of other black and brown people—because of my economic and academic privilege. I’m interested in further discussing the way racism and white supremacy impacts the relationships between diverse people of color, and I am hoping that some of the discussions and scenes in this performance will help contribute to that conversation.

Krista Smith

Krista Smith

[KS]:  As somebody who grew up in a racist family and culture, I have been trying to figure out my place in anti-racism work for two decades now.  After years of reading, participating in and facilitating workshops, and having one-on-one conversations, I wanted to start creating art around issues of racism from the perspective of a white person.  In our communities, whiteness is often not talked about and is this invisible norm.  We will never be able to dismantle white supremacy if white people are not actively engaged in doing this extremely hard work.  I originally envisioned White Lies as one way to help break silence around the concept of Whiteness, especially in queer communities, and also as a tool to encourage more white people to recognize the crucial role that they must play in anti-racism work and then take action.

[MC]:  What can the audience expect from this performance?

[JD]:  Laughter, sexiness, tears, singing, dancing, a little bit of theatrical drama, some amazing film/sound work and some complicated conversations about race and racism.

[KS]:   Well, we did not know what our finished product would look like when our cast first sat around a table in January.  Six months later, we have managed to create a musical.  Our production has many moments of humor, heart, learning, solidarity, connection, messing-up, accountability, dancing, music and one very special and magical Bear.  As we run through it, I am blown away by how the love and intention that the nine of us have poured into this production over the past six months has yielded such a beautiful, thought-provoking production.

[MC]:  Thank you Jezebel and Krista for taking a moment to talk to me about the new production White Lies, playing on Sunday (check listings below).



7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Let’s go back in time and discover the amazing food treasures of the historic district of Old Oakland. Old Oakland is a charming neighborhood filled with local flavor and Oakland soul.

There’s no doubt that Oakland is the top-10 most walkable city in the US and is the perfect destination for good eats and great conversations.

On Wednesday, June 19, 2013 join us as we crawl to four different downtown favorites and discover the amazing food and unique character that this local neghborhood brings.

Don’t be left behind, get your ticket now.

It’s a guessing game! We’re keeping the names of the restaurants we will be visiting a secret for now, but here and there we’ll give you some hints. Follow us on Twitter @DishcrawlEB and be the first to know!

Where to Meet Us: All ticket holders will be notified of meeting location via email, 48 hours prior to the event.

I’m a Vegetarian: Vegetarian options are available, however we may not be able to accommodate other dietary restrictions. If you have any particular requests or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Questions?: Contact me! I’m JP, your East Bay Dishcrawl Ambassador! My email is josef@dishcrawl.com.

About Dishcrawl: Food, fun, and exploration! At Dishcrawl we aim to provide you with a premier culinary social experience by bringing together neighborhood restaurants, local chefs, regional food producers and fellow food enthusiasts. Join us if you’d like to embark on a one-of-a-kind gastronomic adventure!


384636_474652572614747_962581590_nRED HOTS BURLESQUE IN BED
657 Harrison, SF
7 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

“Red Hots Burlesque guides you through the gaggle of gams and team of tatas with new performers [each week] including trained aerial acrobat(s), drag, comedy and old fashioned striptease…watch them twitch and twatch.” funcheapSF.com

Deemed part of the “top 3 burlesque shows in the country to take your girl to” by Playboy’s City Guide, “The hottest happy hour in the bay” and Bay Guardian’s & SF Weekly’s-Best Happy Hour, Red Hots Burlesque has been San Francisco’s only weekly burlesque show for over five years, bringing their own special brand of hot cha cha. For questions or reservation please email info@supperclubsf.com or call 415-438-0900.

A new and different show every week, including babes, burlesque, sideshow, variety, musical acts, drag and comedy!

Our show seats at 7:00! We are punctual! In order to ensure your seat, especially if you are a large party of four or more please email info@supperclubsf.com.

Show runs until 10 p.m., and includes a full menu of delicious a la carte snacks and meals expertly designed for Red Hots Burlesque.


945328_10201530941299610_1753393518_nTHE SPEAKEASY TIMERAISER
1320 9th St, Berkeley
6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Announcing the East Bay Barter Exchange (EBBX) project, Cowrie Village’s effort to build Oakland’s time bank and barter network. This dinner and cocktail event is the launch of the think-tank that will change the way Oakland does business.

Food: Vegetarian, Vegan and Traditional
Beverages: bar to your liking

Talk Spots on:
Soil to Table
Small Business
Historical & Cultural implications
Holistic & Spiritual basis
Technical build

Speed Focus Photo Booth: for your 20 seconds of brillance

The project will encourage and capture out of the box thinking about our relationship to money and clear the fog around alternate economies, the fact that they exist and thrive globally and regionally. EBBX will bring Oakland into the future of independent sustainable economies. A time bank in Oakland means a more liberated Oakland. The party will be a gatheirng of ideas about how to make barter and timebanking viable for Oakland’s marketplace. We’ll also be celebrating our work so far with Gather & Trade the “cash free swap meets.” By building a time bank, we’re starting something much bigger, so we have to go deeper.

We’re holding a TimeRaiser so that we can get started rasiing hours, not dollars. Choose where you want to fulfill your commitment from a list of sponsor/partners who’ve already put it forward.

Most organizations host fundraisers to build the momentum for a project, but we’re hosting a TIMERAISER as a reminder that TIME itself is the CURRENCY. Building sovereignty is community business, requires rethinking our relationship with money and time. Knowing how deep that is, a timebank is a new option for business when we have few. The beauty of it is that we’re not building something from scratch. We already know how to do this. It is in our bones.

Come join us in the build:
People’s Kitchen
Phat Beets
Bay Food Shed
Sustainable Economies Law Center
Spiral Garden
Cowrie Village
ClouD 9
People’s Grocery
Kulture Freedom
Growing Justice Institute
Eco Barrios
Chai Mi Amor


431933_577240222309347_1909904024_nAZUCAR CON ACHE
510 Embarcadero West, Oakland
8 p.m.

Hot Salsa/Latin Jazz with the women of ACA playing original songs and tasty arrangements of standard tunes for your dancing and listening pleasure-featuring Maria Cora and Maria Cetto- lead vocals, Remy Rodriquez-piano, background vocals, percussion, Robin Nzingah Smith-flute, saxophones, Sue “Suki” Kaye-congas, kailmba, background vocals, Mwamba Blakwomyn-bass, Judy Grayboyes-timbales and bongos.

Celebrate Pride month, Juneteenth, the end of school, beginning of summer and just come out for a funky good time! Advanced tickets are recommended. Go to yoshis.com, and type the code TASTY to waive the service fee.



575892_10152240722725283_1051720333_nCONVERGE: CRITICAL KARAOKE
4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

YBCA: ConVerge will present Raquel Gutiérrez of the new YBCA In Community program and her karaoke star friends. YBCA In Community pairs professional artists with community members in three Bay Area neighborhoods to create art together!

Join a who’s-who of Bay Area community-based artists, community organizers and scholars as they tackle their favorite songs through Critical Karaoke! Each artist will speak about a song as it plays, with approaches and topics as varied as the artists and songs themselves. Meet and mingle with community partners from Soma, Mission & Excelsior and West Oakland. Learn more about the dynamic work happening in those communities, and listen to the range of artists participating and presenting in the activity of Critical Karaoke.

Jaime Cortez
Lariza Dugan Cuadra
Xandra Ibarra
Perra Pumps
Eliza Barrios
Carrie Leilam Love
Anthem Salgado
Anyka Barber
Mona Shah
Niva Flor
Evelyn Orantes
Cynthia Taylor

YBCA: ConVerge is a free, monthly public gathering featuring creative and generative social art practices. ConVerge is where community and innovative multi and inter-disciplinary arts practices come together in a fluid, interactive and experimental format designed to engage audiences. During ConVerge, YBCA’s public spaces will come alive with social art, live music and inspiring performances, as well as drinks prepared by YBCA mixologists.


944149_10151987172464778_1033490997_nON THE CLEVER SCREEN:  CABARET
474 24th Street, Oakland

THE NEW PARKWAY presents the C L E V E R Screen—a monthly screening series where we invite one of the Bay area’s queer, woman or person of color artists to pick a film that inspired them or screen their latest project with our audience.

Join Lynn Breedlove as she presents the musical
Cabaret (1972), directed by Bob Fosse and starring Liza Minnelli, Michael York and Joel Grey.

Lynn Breedlove is the founder and frontperson of the first American out dyke punk band Tribe 8 and the founder of Homobiles.


923291_10151532681333673_649136638_nFRESH MEAT FESTIVAL
450 Florida St, SF
June 20-22
8 p.m.
Buy Tix

The FRESH MEAT FESTIVAL is the nation’s premiere transgender and queer performance festival. Outrageously popular, artistically outstanding and always delicious. Advance tickets are recommended for this event.

Don’t miss this three-nights-only event, June 20-22! A gala reception with DJ Miz Rowdy, photo booth, drinks and dancing follows the show each night.

This year’s spectacular lineup features performances by: AXIS Dance Company, Barbary Coast Cloggers, Coyote Grace, Sean Dorsey Dance, Allan Frias / Mind Over Matter, Las Bomberas de la Bahia, Maikaze Daiko, Dana Morrigan, Amir Rabiyah, Shawna Virago and more! All artists perform every night.

12th annual transgender and queer performance festival

Dates: Thursday-Saturday June 20-22, 2013
Time: All shows at 8pm
Venue: Z Space (450 Florida Street @ 17th Street, San Francisco)
ASL Interpretation: Friday June 21

Tickets: $15-25 sliding scale http://freshmeatfestival.bpt.me/
INFO: www.freshmeatproductions.org

TWITTER: @FreshMeatSF #FreshMeatFest
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/freshmeatsf


International superstars of physically-integrated dance

America’s favorite all-male clogging crew

Rule-breaking, heart-aching roots music by

Hip-hop genius of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ fame

All-female Bomba trailblazers

Powerhouse taiko ensemble

Super-smart, sassy humorist

Soul-soothing wordsmith, award-winning poet

“San Francisco’s Best Dance Company” (SF Weekly)

Folk-seductress singer-songwriter
…and more!

after-parties in the lobby with DJ Miz Rowdy, Fresh Meat photo-booth, drinks & dancing!


After enjoying our post-show lobby party, head over to DARLING NIKKI at Slate Bar, just a few blocks from Z Space. This month’s Darling Nikki benefits Fresh Meat Productions! See and be seen at this hot queer monthly dance party.  2925 16th Street at South Van Ness, San Francisco. 10 p.m.-2 a.m.!




6667_10201254760909434_1049513425_nTHE LIVING ROOM PROJECT
1919 Market Street, @ 19th W.Oakland
$7 all night

The Living Room Project & TrinityWolf Network invite you

*engaging your body, mind & soul*

JUNE 21st
*This Month Celebrating the
First Birthday of The Living Room Project!!!*

hip hop || soul || house || dnb || funk || reggae

*Special Performances by:
Aima The Dreamer
Valerie Troutt JazzSoul Project

*Resident Sound Jedis:
Trinity (O’FaSho! II T.W.N II Living Room Project)
LP (Free Lunch Crew II Social Life II No Pants)

*Guest Selectors:
Jose Soul (Discovery || Afrosonics)

*Visual Curater:
Bushmama Africa

*Drink Mixologist:
Mz. Amy

*Taste Maker:
Rincon de la Prima

Living Room 3rd Fridays brings you the unique experience of a grown & sexy house party with music and art from the best djs, live performers, and artists you’ll hear/see anywhere. We’re takin’ the party out of the club and back to the living room.


1001328_10201301581679131_809780004_nTHIS WAS QUEERLESQUE!
2781 24th St., SF
7:30 p.m. $10 – 20 sliding scale
Buy tix

This Was Queerlesque! is an intergenerational burlesque & cabaret show that explores the queer histories of burlesque/exotic dance. Featuring performances from burlesque legends like Holiday O’Hara and Isis Starr as well as new work from neo-burlesque performers such as The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, Cherry Galette, Essence Revealed, Rivolta Sata and Kitty Von Quim that pays tribute to their queer performer influences.

With able stage management from Our Lady of Perpetual Organization Magnoliah Black





541650_431050103656931_61030580_nTOPSY-TURVY:  A QUEER CIRCUS EXTRAVAGANZA
2781 24th St, SF
Tickets: Youth $8 | Adults $12-20 sliding scale

Topsy-Turvy: A Queer Circus Extravaganza showcases mesmerizing circus artists from across the country as part of the 2013 National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco. Spin your world upside-down with awe-inspiring aerialists, side-splitting antics, jaw-dropping entertainment and cutting-edge circus acts. Featuring New York artist Black Acrobat, former Cirque du Soleil performer Marshall Amey, and trapeze artists, stilt walkers, acrobats and more from Vermont, Portland,New Mexico and the Bay Area!

Topsy-Turvy turns representations of strength and beauty in circus arts upside-down through stories rooted in a queer experience. Fueled by a zeitgeist that encourages reinterpretation of popular art forms, Topsy Turvy expands the imaginative possibilities of circus performance by
showcasing multidisciplinary artists, performers of color, transgender and gender variant artists, as well as the variety of bodies that create exciting and inspiring circus theater.




528380_431050596990215_280725406_nWHITE LIES
7 p.m.

White Lies brings humor and hope to conversations about race and racism in the United States through music, dance, film and theater blended together in a multimedia performance that will leave you inspired to think, learn, discuss and act. Join us for a journey that is deeply political and deeply personal to explore cultural complexities and dismantle racism in our queer communities.

In White Lies, a multiracial cast of musicians, filmmakers, poets, artists, writers and performers speak truth about whiteness and the role it plays in all of our lives including Jezebel Delilah X, Jolie Harris, Kentucky Fried Woman, Mel Chen, Meredith Fenton, nomy lamm, Open Mike, Storm Miguel Florez and Susie Smith.



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