Cheap & Good: Hannah’s top 4 spots to eat in Oakland

I have two requirements when I eat out: cheap. and good. We tend to forsake one for the other, but I was adamant to find restaurants that satisfied both requirements. I can only eat burgers and fries for so long – after a certain point my body craves the crunchy fish taco and savory chow-mein. And so I began a long and arduous hunt for the perfect ethnic restaurants. But I can say that $10 an entree later, my work has paid off. Below are my top 4 ethnic restaurants, in no particular order


#1: Messob Ethiopian Restaurant Piedmont Ave

Messob provides the niceties of a quiet, sit-down, and clean restaurant, without the giant price-tag. I was always a little skeptical of Ethiopian, but after trying it once, I’m addicted. Any messob plate is enough for 2 people, so leave paying less than $10 per person.

What I order: Vegetarian messob $10.95: Samples of the vegetarian menu. Enough for 2.



#2. Manpuku: College Ave

I stumbled across Manpuku after an exhausting shopping trip in Berkeley. Famished, but also broke at the time, I needed food and I needed it immediately. Manpuku is now my favorite Japanese restaurant. Albeit a bit cramped (the seating area is a narrow hallway), Manpuku provides authentic Japanese food at McDonald’s prices. Sit-down, take-out, or anything in between, Manpuku is fast, affordable, and delicious.

What I order: Veggie Miso $2.95: enough for entree

taqueria las comadres


#3. Taqueria Las Comadres: Montclair

I am not exaggerating when I say this: Taqueria Las Comadres is the best Mexican restaurant in the world. They give you what you want when you want. Enough said.

What I order: Cactus Burrito (fresh cactus): $5.55

#4. Shandong Restaurant: Chinatown

My dad brought me to Shandong when I was young, and I always get nostalgic when I eat there nowadays. You really can’t go wrong with the menu. I always change what I order – but their homemade noodles never disappoint. Friendly staff, quick service, and great food. Bathrooms aren’t the best..but just don’t drink too much tea!

What I order: special chow mein $8.95

If you go:

Messob Ethiopian:  4301 Piedmont Ave  Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 428-1122

Manpuku: 2977 College Ave  Berkeley, California 94705
(510) 848-2536

Taqueria Las Comadres: 2081 Mountain Blvd  Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 339-9002

Shandong: 328 10th St  Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 839-2299

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  1. Cyrus Farivar

    Dude, for $10 you can eat like a king at any Fruitvale taco truck—I’m partial to El Ojo de Agua and Tacos Sinaloa.


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