Slideshow: King’s Boxing Gym, Oakland classic

You’ve probably heard of King’s Boxing Gym on 35th Avenue–by now you should have.  King’s Boxing Gym has been an Oakland establishment since 1984, and in its current location since 1990. King’s is the quintessential boxing gym complete with wall to wall boxing posters–classic and new–but it’s not only for boxers. Children, women, and men–non-boxers, amateur boxers, and pros are all represented in this gym’s membership and the common denominator for all members–the prerequisite for boxers and non-boxers alike–seems to be that when they get there, they’re ready to work hard; they’re ready to sweat–a lot. But make no mistake, the gym is not a boot camp (at least not for those who aren’t training for a fight): there is chatter at the water fountain, people smile–even laugh–as they try to catch their breath. It seems that despite the hard work they put forth, the gym members enjoy their workouts guided by the trainers. Perhaps it is the endorphins swirling around the room, or more likely it is a precedent set long ago by Mr. and Mrs. King, that brings a sense of warmth (not just from the sweating bodies) and camaraderie at this gym that makes people want to keep coming back, with or without the body aches.

All photos by Sarah Brennan, used by permission. All rights reserved.

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  1. Len Raphael

    A wonderful place. And I’m still grateful that my younger son’s trainer, Budda, kept finding excuses to avoid arranging matches for him. Later Budda explained that he didn’t want my son to get a bunch of concussions like he had gotten over the years. You can get a lot of boxing without matches.

  2. Jalil

    If you really want to see what you are made of then join a boxing gym. Ive never sweated so much without picking up any weights. Me joining Kings was the best thing that could have happened to me. It becomes so addicting. No one cares about the cute girl over there or that really muscle bound dude. the only thing that i find that anyone cares about in a boxing gym is hard work. The only thing I care about when i enter the gym is greeting Mr.King and getting straight to work with my trainer. His staff is really great but can be oh so tuff and I love every bit of it. So for all of you 38- 43 year old men and women wandering if you still got it, if not King’s then go join a local boxing gym in your area and get ready for the best pain of your life and hurt sooo good. Its only been a month and Im already down two notches on my belt so go figure and good luck!!!


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