It really cannot get any worse for KTVU and the “award-winning 10 o’clock news.” Within two hours of the infamous broadcast last Friday afternoon of four fake pilot’s name on the fateful Asian Airlines Flight 214, the local Fox affiliate was a national laughingstock.

The video of the afternoon anchorwoman uttering the names of “Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Dang Ding Ow,” was posted on media blogs across the country. However, it got worse Monday night, when their spectacular crash-and-burn become fodder for Stephen Colbert.

In a segment broadcast on Comedy Central, Colbert mocks the station for being racist, but with a twist. “This is a Korean airline,” said Colbert. “Those are Chinese names. That’s racist. That’s racist, okay? And if you are going to do a racist joke, at least get the ethnicity right.”

He then offered his own more Korean-centric faux names.

Curiously, the mere mention of the station’s call letters alone elicited laughter from the New York-based audience. It was only further evidence the once-proud Oakland television station is the butt of many jokes, not only in the Bay Area, but beyond. Meanwhile, Bay Area media insider Rich Lieberman says KTVU’s parent company, the privately-owned Cox Media, is conducting an internal investigation into how the embarrassing list of names traveled through its newsroom without someone catching the quite obvious prank before it made it on-air last week. Lieberman notes KTVU’s news director Lee Rosenthal has only been on the job since April and could be on the chopping block and the anchorwoman who uttered the hilarious, but cringe-worthy names, Tori Campbell, took a leave of absence over the weekend.

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