Roscoe Ceramic Gallery will be showcasing artwork by Diane Levinson and Page Hodel running through August 31st.  Diane has been working in sculptural ceramics for more than 30 years; it combines found objects with clay.  The work currently on display at Roscoe Ceramic Gallery is from a series titled “Weapons of Mass Destructions.” They were begun during the presidency of George W. Bush a time when WMDs were a topic of great discussion throughout the world. ” Monday Hearts for Madeline” is the title of the series of photographs on display at the gallery by Page Hodel.  They are a tribute for her departed friend Madeline Louise Rodriguez. The money made on the sale of the photographs, is donated to the Woman’s Cancer Research Center.  The Roscoe Ceramic Gallery is located on 473 25th St in Oakland and open 6-9 every first Friday and 12-5 every Saturday. The Diane and Page’s work will be on display until the 31st of August.

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