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Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Tanya Coke and Wendy Springer

Help us find Sandra CokeThank you all for coming. My name is Tanya Coke, I am the sister of Sandra Coke who has been missing since Sunday. As you know, Sandra is a devoted mother, sister, daughter, friend and community advocate. I flew in from the East Coast this week to find my sister and I will not leave until we find her.

I am joined here today by many of Sandra’s family, friends, and co-workers from the federal public defenders to announce that we are offering $100,000 dollars to anyone with information that will DIRECTLY lead to finding Sandra.

Anyone with any information, we are begging you to come forward immediately. You can do so anonymously. We have now set up a new, anonymous hot line and we are urging the community to come forward today and call this number 415-385-5190 or email with any information about my sister. To everyone who has reached out and shown their support for our family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Hello, my name is Wendy Springer. I have been friends with Sandra Coke since the 4th grade. Sandra is a wonderful friend and mother who is dedicated to caring for others in her professional and personal life. We all want to see her come home.

Sandra was last seen on Sunday evening at about 8:30 PM at her home near Aileen Street in Oakland by her family. She is 50 years of age, 5’6, 150 pounds, medium complexion, with brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a black and white shirt and dark jeans at the time of her disappearance.

We stand here today to plead with people in our community. Please come forward TODAY. Call this number and do so anonymously: 415-385-5190, or email Again, we are offering $100,000 dollars for information that will directly lead to finding our Sandra.

Thank you for your help in finding our Sandra and bringing her home.

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