“If you want to get more comfortable talking about sex, sexuality, and pleasure, go to FemSexComm.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

By popular demand (99 applications for only 30 seats last season) FemSexComm is offering THREE workshops in Fall 2013! That means we’ll be able accept 50% more participants for Season 5. Workshop circles will meet on Monday evenings at Mission Alchemy in San Francisco, Tuesday evenings at 518 Valencia in San Francisco, and Tuesday evenings in downtown Oakland (location TBD). Our event spaces are conveniently located near BART, and ADA accessibility is always a priority.

The application deadline has been extended to Wednesday night at 11:59pm. We invite you to join us and contribute your unique voice to our space. Click here to apply!

The Female Sexuality Workshop in the Community (FemSexComm) is a 15-week, peer-to-peer learning series examining a broad scope of issues through the lens of female sexuality. Topics include intimacy, fantasy, sexual technique, safer sex, reproductive health, body image, gender identity, sexual identity, relationship models, communication, consent, privilege and allies, community, and empowerment. Check out FemSexComm.org to learn more.

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