In the Fruitvale District of Oakland, in the middle of a relatively quiet block, there sits an unassuming, recently purchased two-story building.

The owner of this new building: Gilbert Amponsah, also known as Gilbert “Hurricane” Jackson during his 12-year career as a professional light-middleweight boxer, and currently an established boxing strength and conditioning coach working out of King’s Gym in Oakland. Amponsah will transform the plain, pastel-colored building into a boxing gym: Phight Club 1010.

The gym will be located on the ground floor, and like the other boxing gyms around town, it will be open to both boxers looking to strengthen their bodies and their skills, and the general public who just want to get a good workout. Out back on the large concrete patio will be a boxing ring and bleachers to accommodate local events.

What is particularly unique and exciting about Amponsah’s plans for this gym for Oakland and for the local Oakland boxing scene is that Amponsah has mapped out his plans to turn the upstairs portion of the building into a training camp for national and international professional boxers training for bouts. Upstairs from the gym will be the complete living quarters for the boxers and their trainers.

Previously the office of a construction company, the interior of the building in its current state has a utilitarian flair to it: dry-erase boards, plenty of wood shelves, an old working water fountain, wood paneling, and perforated ceiling tiles. Amponsah has begun renovations to the building, and expects that the boxing gym will be open to the public this fall.

It could be said that Amponsah is about to do with this building what he does with his boxers: if all goes as planned, in a short amount of time, he will take something good and functional, and turn it into something great.

The following is a slideshow of the new space, soon to be transformed into Phight Club 1010. All photos by Sarah Brennan, used by permission. All rights reserved.

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