Despite what is shown in televised boxing events on the major television networks, women in the boxing world are not exclusively supportive spectators or ring girls, and their impact on boxing can be felt in their hooks, jabs, and uppercuts.

Women in fact do fight professionally, but for the past decade or so, for whatever reason, the fights have very rarely been televised on the major networks. The good news is that we can turn off our TVs and step out into our own back yard, in our local gyms, where women’s participation as athletes in boxing is alive and well.

The following is a slideshow of one such athlete, 15 year-old Iris Contreras. Contreras, trained by her father, Filemon Contreras, comes out of the DF Boxing Gym in Richmond, and like her older sister Julia and her younger brother Cesar, she has been boxing since she was a young child.

Contreras is currently training for several upcoming bouts, including one that will take place at the Beautiful Brawlers event. Beautiful Brawlers is an amateur boxing event with an all-female line up, hosted in Pacifica, by Babyface Boxing (another local boxer expected to be on the bill for this event is Aleisha Woods from King’s Gym).

The Beautiful Brawlers event will take place on the 31st of this month. Look out for Ms. Contreras and the other women and see them in action, making their impact in boxing.

Photos by Sarah Brennan, used by permission. All rights reserved.

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    Great coverage and great story on a girl who has dedicated much of her young life to boxing. Iris has been on all of our shows and she truly epitimizes what we are all about! Thank you

  2. Jerry Hoffman

    Due to increased interest, Beautiful Brawlers has been moved to SportsHouse Redwood City on August 31st. Bigger, better beautiful facility. 5th and Edison in Redwood City. C U there.


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