What was most read on Oakland Local  (and what went viral on our Facebook page? ) We checked, and now we’re sharing the good stuff..  But first an interesting side note–since our May redesign, 30 percent of our traffic is now coming from mobile and tablets–compared to 2% before.

The top search keywords for Oakland Local this July, besides Oakland and Oakland Local,  were porn, porn star, private porn,  loreli lei and interview porn–not surprising, given that more than 10,000 people read Eric Arnold’s story on Loreli Lee this past month–and this piece ran in June.  (Obviously, getting some buzz from outside of the town.)

Another topical hit:  Steven Taveres’ piece on Stephen Colbert mocking the KTVU Asian pilot names debacle, which got some staffers fired.

Christina “Krea” Gomez’s sensitive essay on being an Oaklander watching Fruitvale Station was #3  on our site, with 5, 000 reads–if you haven’t read this and you live in Oakland and feel connected to the issues of the Oscar Grant story, read this now.

Another community piece by local writer Granate Sosnoff  on George Zimmerman’s acquittal was also in our top 5 most read–and generated an amazing amount of discussion (see the comments for that)

And  editor Meg Bertoni brought it home with list of end of the month things to do that lots of people wanted to see.

Other popular reads:

Pen Harshaw’s Fruitvale the Movie: Will the World Feel it Like We Do in Oakland?, cross-posted from New America Media and Eric Arnold’s Critiquing Critical Perspectives on “Fruitvale Station”

Steven Tavares’ Big Brother In Oakland? There Might Be An App Coming For That (Analysis), one in a series on DOMA and surveillance.

Sophia Hussain’s review of the powerful OMCA show of Peter Stackpole’s photos, Before BART: the Bridge that changed everything  also had very engaged readers (and amazing photos).

Last but not least, Barbara Grady spent some time at Pandora, and reported out on their interns, culture and that Music Genome thing that keeps happening right here in Oakland. Tim Westergren and Joe Kennedy said they dug this piece, so many you want to find out what they liked–and what Barbara experienced, behind the scenes.

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