It’s quite possible that you could use a night off from mentions of twerking, food instagrams and other digital musings.

Even if you aren’t eleven, and part of their target audience, you can get that break by going to see Legally Blonde at the outdoor Woodminster Amphitheater in beautiful Joaquin Miller Park. Adapted from the 2001 movie, the musical retains the same humor and adds catchy music and modern dance.

The crowd is actually much older than eleven at Woodminster, as the summer series turned 47 this year and seems to have retained a lot of supporters through the years with its quaint, small-time analog feel. Popcorn is sold alongside long-time supporter Uncommon Grounds Coffee to raise funds for their ongoing “Kids Come Free” tickets.

Community theater has large charm for the people who make it out to a Woodminster Summer Musical, and this year my eleven-year-old and I were not disappointed with Legally Blonde.

This past Saturday was a stunning night in Oakland, and warm for an outdoor nighttime performance. The show was absolutely entertaining and skillfully performed. The leads are Equity actors who can act, dance and belt out a ballad. The story is funny and a modern twist on stereotyping blondes as dumb bombshells.

Standout songs and performances include the stuck-in-my-head “Gay or European” lyrics from that scene and the irresistible “Ohmygod You Guys” which will have you humming in your car all the way home. Claire Buchignani is electric as Elle Woods and Linda Dorsey as Paulette Buonofuonte gives an outstanding performance as well.

If you go, bring a picnic dinner beforehand to eat at the park, try to get parking nearer the exit so you can leave before the crowds, and be sure to bring yourself a cocktail or bottle of wine if you partake, as Woodminster organizers do allow it.

For many, it is tradition to drink wine under the stars while watching a live show. If you enjoy musicals, Legally Blonde is a fun one and the program at Woodminster is one of Oakland’s gems.

For tickets and information on the last four performances, September 12- 15, visit

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  1. Beth t

    I didn’t even know this venue existed. Thanks for giving me something to do – always looking for something aside from dinner and a movie, and Legally Blonde sounds like fun! Loved the Reese Witherspoon movie, and love musicals, so I’m going to give it a try.

  2. Ava C. S.

    Legally blonde was amazing! I would totally go see it again! Plus, thank you to Woodminster for giving us AWESOME seats!


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