We are super-excited about Drawn Together, a  grownups-only event at Fairyland this Friday, from 6-9 pm. The Fairyland team is turning the park into an art gallery, where great local artists will make art in the park, live. All proceeds benefit Fairyland’s outreach program, which provides free field trips and crucial social programs to local low-income kids.

Participating visual artists coming from such diverse backgrounds as illustration, gallery art, and video game design will be drawing, painting, and making finger puppets live and in person all over Fairyland’s historic storybook theme park. The art that they make will be available for sale at the end of the night in Aesop’s Playhouse, introducing talented local artists to a brand-new audience, and raising funds for a great cause.

Food and drinks will be available, featuring goodies by Feel Good Bakery, Red Boy Pizza, The Stroopie GourmetSugar Knife Artisan Sweets, and local food trucks.

DJ sets by Oakland experimental duo James & Evander and local party impresarios Coco and Jaysonic from Hottub will keep the beat going, and maybe even start an impromptu dance party in the Merry Meadow or the Old West Junction.

Participating artists include: Alexis Amann, Nicholas Bohac, Susan Chen, Michaela Coffield, Serena Cole, Randy Colosky, Amanda Curreri, Christian Davies, FICTILIS, Welly Fletcher, Sean Ford, Erica Gangsei, Tim Giang, Josh Hagler, Justin Hayes, Daniel Healey, Carrie Hott, Kelly Falzone Inouye, Mary Anne Kluth, Jon Lady, Peter Max Lawrence, Michael McConnell, Elise Mahan, Vanessa Marsh, Ghia Mercado, Christine Monohan, Crystal Morey, Blake Morse, Lauren Napolitano, Nayeli Nava, Emily Rassmussen, Darren Russell, Nathaniel Parsons, Todd Phillips & Hanks Banks, Jerry Pierson, Bunnie Reiss, Stephanie Rohlfs, Allegra Rush, Maja Ruznic, Reece Santos, Kaitlin Sheridan, Crystal Silva, Clare Szydlowski, Shannon Taylor, Tallulah Terryll, Meredith Tromble, Bryan Von Reuter, Annie Wong, Daniel Woodling, and many more!

Get tickets here.

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