The stories you have read here this past week come out of a six-week session of teaching and learning with youth partners in a project funded by The California Endowment. Oakland Local staff reporters and trainers met twice a week with seven youth enrolled in a program at United Roots called Urban Peace Movement. We shared journalism skills and they shared their hopes and dreams. Together we hammered out some stories.

Along the way, the youth learned about interviewing, research, news writing, photography, audio recording and public speaking. The journalists learned a bit about what it’s like to be a teenager in Oakland, particularly what it’s like to take classes in Oakland schools. Readers, hopefully, learned something about how important teachers are to kids, and about the challenges of retaining teachers.

Our student reporters for this series are participants in programs at Urban Peace Movement.  Our lead trainer in the Education Voices project is Irene Florez and our reporters are Barbara Grady and Jon Leckie, all of Oakland Local staff. Many thanks to the Endowment and UPM  for the support of this program, and to our wonderful coaches, trainers and student reporters.

Follow the entire series here:

The California Endowment funded this effort as well as an earlier Education Voices series on students confronting violence and navigating safe routes to school. We are very grateful for their support and their interest in bolstering education as well as reporting on education.

Next week, we launch a new six-week training and reporting session at Castlemont High School. We look forward to working with students there, nurturing their journalistic instincts and creating good stories together. Stay tuned for what we produce.

This story and the entire Education Voices series were made possible through the support of The California Endowment. 

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