Helloooooooo Bay Area!!!!!!!  I am just coming back from a longish visit with my family in Texas and trying to slip back into the swing of my thangs.  Last week I shortchanged you because I didn’t have a highlight interview, BUT this week I am making it up to you with two interviews, yeah I am good like that.  The two people I am highlighting this week are doing two radically different events (at the same event space) on two different days.  One is a hackathon, the other is a fundraiser and although they may appear to be different types of events they intersect in one major way –  both events are about contribution to a larger community, being seen and heard within our own communities and outside our insular communities and leaving something better behind for those who are following in our footsteps.  Check out the interviews then scroll down to find out what’s going down this weekend!


krzMiz Chris [MC]: Where are you from?

Kortney Ryan Ziegler [KRZ]: I am from Compton.

[MC]:  How did you first become interested in Hackathons?

[KRZ]:  I am a big tech nerd myself and have recently began to nurture this side through participating in local Hackathons.

[MC]:  How did you come up with the idea Transhack?

[KRZ]:   I was inspired by all of the successful socially driven Hackathons I’ve participated in and I felt that the collaborative model could be effective in transgender advocacy. I also thought that Trans*H4CK would be a perfect avenue to introduce members of the trans and gender non conforming community to other trans people working in tech for networking and resource purposes.

[MC]:  What has been your biggest challenge in making this event a reality?1175429_10100642067064275_462681139_n

[KRZ]:  I think with any event, time has been my greatest ally and biggest foe. Other than that, there weren’t any major challenges during the development process, as I had tremendous help from members of the trans community and allies who offered funding, space, promotional support and, when needed, an emotional base.

[MC]:  What are you hoping to achieve from this weekend?

[KRZ]:  I know that many incredible projects will be made that benefit the trans community but my main hope is that everyone involved has fun.


Miz Chris [MC]:  Where you from?

Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene [YE]:  Syracuse

[MC]:  What inspired you to write Sizakele?

[YE]:  To quote Toni Morrison, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”  And so I did.  My book was a space I went to in order to create the book I hadn’t found in bookstores and libraries and that I needed to read.  So what also inspired me to write this book was the absence of what I craved to be present—Queer African literature.  I looked at my own life and political observations and wrote about issues that I wanted to read about—issues of language, belonging, homeland, Queer African sexuality and gender identity, love, the politics of the personal and violence in LGBTQ relationships.  I wanted to read a deeply moving, complicated, politically-nuanced and beautifully lyrical work of literature.  So I wrote that.  As a writer, an artist and a performance activist, I want to give this work to the world because this book is part of why I was born.

[MC]:  What does Sizakele mean?

[yvonne close up Photo Credit An XiaoYE]:  Sizakele is a Zulu name.  My book is called For Sizakele because sometimes I have to remember that I am, to quote Zap Mama, an “ancestor in progress.”  I have to remind myself that my present is someone else’s history, herstory and inspiration for their own work.  I have to remember that my descendants will look to my life to find meaning in their lives.  I remember this when I get scared about doing my work or dancing/singing/living out the vibrant colors of my dreams.  I imagine Sizakele is a descendant of mine, in 2076, who will find my work—and I want to be the inspiration she needs to soar and fly and live her dreams.  I write for her.  I wrote this book for her so when she goes looking for me, I’ll be there.

[MC]:  Why did you decide to publish the book yourself?

[YE]:  In a world that already ignores and marginalized Queer African stories, we cannot wait for a publishing house to recognize our stories as beautiful and sacred.   We cannot wait for the same world that has degraded Etaghene bullhorn Photo Cred - NerdScarfPhotographyus to uplift our stories.  We have to be the ones to take the stories written all over our souls to the world.  So that is why I’ve chosen to just do it.  To publish my book now and not wait for someone else to deem my story worthy of publication.  If I get a book deal, that’s awesome, but I’m not waiting for that to determine whether or not my book gets published.  The time is now to share this work with the world.

[MC]:  What do you hope to achieve with the book?

[YE]:   I want to save lives with this book.  Starting with my own.  This book has kept me alive during the hardest, most heartbreaking moments of my life.  I want this book to hold and cradle the world of people who wonder if they can make it to the next moment.  I want this book to soothe hearts, make folks laugh deep and loud, give Queer people of color in general, and Queer Africans in particular, solace and ground them with irrefutable knowledge that they exist and are beautiful.  Queer African lives are beautiful and amazing and heartbreaking and inspiring and full of love.  I want my book to put those truths into literature for the whole world to bear witness to.  Art opens hearts where political discourse cannot even turn the doorknob.  This book is about activism via art—as is all of my art.  For Sizakele is about placing in the center the stories that have been pushed so far past the margin, they’re not even on the periphery of most people’s minds.  So what do I hope to achieve with this book?  Sheer magic.

[MC]:  Tell us three things we don’t know about you?

QR Etaghene Photo by EP Li[YE]:  1.) Hmmm…when I was 7 I wanted to be a lawyer.  2.) I LOVE carpentry—I know, I’m such a dyke.  I used to do woodworking in high school and I hella miss it.  I’d love to get back into it.  The slight smell of wood burning as the blades of a table saw slide through wood—so good. I also want to learn how to fix cars.  I’m excited for the day when I’ll be elbow-deep in a car engine covered in grease.  3.)I used to eat snow as a kid.  I grew up between Syracuse, New York and Nigeria.  And in Syracuse, if there’s one thing we have a lot of, it’s snow.  When it’s just fallen and is fluffy and light, it’s so beautiful.  Also, opening my mouth to catch snowflakes in my mouth—I love that.  Technically, I think that’s 4 things. 🙂

[MC]:  What are you most excited about for Thursday’s Fundraiser?

[YE]:   I am excited to be at Betti Ono, a space that is so supportive of me and the work of so many brilliant artists.  I’m excited to work with Chaney Turner, who is a humble magician when it comes to making beauty happen.  I’m honored to be sharing artistic space with Yosimar Reyes, Aima the Dreamer, Enajite Loicy Pela and DJ Lady Ryan, all whom are phenomenally talented and so incredibly sweet.  I’m excited to talk about my book with the folks who attend It Takes A Village.  So I am excited about a lot!  I am always excited about people blessing me with their presence and their listening and open hearts.  So if I had to pick one thing I’m most excited about—it’s being able to speak about what I love to open hearts.  That is the most exciting thing ever.  And a blessing.





1175283_10152150914254918_249929267_nIt Takes a Village
Betti Ono
1427 Broadway, Oakland
8 p.m. – 10 p.m.
$5-$10 Sliding Scale

We are honored to present, It Takes A Village, a dynamic, innovative and multi-sensory event that will feature performances and music from these angels:

Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene
Aima the Dreamer
Enajite Loicy Pela
Yosimar Reyes
DJ Lady Ryan

This beautiful evening will be hosted by our beloved sister, Aima the Dreamer and produced by the brilliant Chaney Turner of Social Life Productions. I know you love a party with a purpose as much as we do and that is precisely why DJ Lady Ryan will be spinning magic and cosmic genius for all of us to get our lives!

This event is a fundraiser for the publication of the novel For Sizakele by Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene, which is a soul-stirring, lyrically beautiful story that addresses queer African gender, transcontinental identity, inter-partner violence and how we love as the ultimate illuminator of who we are.

It Takes A Village will physically bring attendees into the lyrical universe of the book–we will be sharing snippets of the book which have never been shared publicly before. Yes: Get excited!


602714_10151606613718878_1750428155_nSing-along Cinemas – Mamma Mia!
Jack London Square
Ferry Lawn

Come out and join in the fun with an outdoor sing-along movie. Enjoy the movie Mamma Mia! with the theatrical antics of Barely Legal, as they sing and dance along with the movie. Come dressed as the theme of the movie and be prepared to sing with your favorite songs. Movies begin at sundown, so be sure to make reservations at your favorite Jack London Square restaurant, or visit our quick-casual eateries and make a picnic.




Betti Ono Gallery
1427 Broadway, Oakland
Sept 13th – 15th
Full Schedule Listing

Research shows that transgender people are unemployed at 2x the national rate–4x for transgender people of color; have incomes of less than $10,000 a year; experience homelessness at 2x the rate of non-trans people; and suffer overwhelming discrimination when it comes to accessing adequate healthcare and legal services. This problem not only affects transgender adults but trans and gender nonconforming youth as well. A necessary step in addressing anti-transgender bias is to create technology that socially empowers transgender individuals.

The goal of Trans*H4CK is to create new tech resources that benefit the trans and gender non conforming communities in the following ways:

  • Promote economic advancement and financial sustainability
  • Promote attention to or improve services for trans people without homes, that are sex workers, or that are incarcerated.
  • Promote gender safety
  • Support the overall wellbeing of the community


1235437_721258631224810_1411334485_nRed Hots Burlesque
El Rio
3158 Mission, SF
8 p.m.

Come with your sense of humor, get ready to hoot and holler because Red Hots Burlesque brings you the “city’s best” bump and grind at the “happiest hour”

The bay area’s best including
Dottie Lux
Kat De Lac, Philidelphia PA
Kitty Von Quim
Red-Velvet Dancer
Miss Rahni
and so many more!

and your sexy stage kitten Gabriela Starchild!



Love Movement
Earth Tribe Yoga
1924 Franklin, Oakland
6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Donations Appreciated

LOVE MOVEMENT is a monthly, healthy, safe, all inclusive, intergenerational, rooted experience celebrating – with integrity and authenticity – the Bay Area’s historically (r)evolutionary spirit, cultures and communities.

we are re-defining what a friday night in 2013 can look like…
we are re-birthing good clean fun…
we are re-minding ourselves what matters…


using fun, creative, engaging, thought provoking and consciouness raising ways we humbly offer you a time, space and place to move forward – in the name of love for the people, love for the culture, love for the town, and love for ourselves.

every month we focus on a theme and make a love offering to you, doing the best we can with what we have, and invite you to do the same.

Young Oakland will be in charge of the kids programming.

dress code: be comfortable. do you.
price: donation and or bring a dish for the potluck




1187050_10151886553449328_1960104177_nKainbigan Grand Opening Weekend
2101 14th Ave, Oakland
September 14th & 15th11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Thank you for ALL your support during our soft opening month. We have read your comment cards, tweaked our dishes to perfection and honed our daily routine to an exact science. We are ready for our GRAND Opening!!!!!

Join us this weekend, September 14th and 15th, as we introduce you to:

  • Chef Caabay and the rest of the Kainbigan crew
  • our updated daily menu
  • give you a sneak peek at specials we will be offering
  • our new takeout and catering menu

And to show you our appreciated for your support these last few weeks and over the years we are offering everyone a 10% discount on your food order all weekend long!

We hope to see you this weekend!!!

❤ Kainbigan is open seven days a week from 11am-8pm ❤


1005666_457626171003026_1531274924_nBay Area Ladyfest: Fest-O-Rama
Humanist Hall
390 27th St, Oakland
11 a.m.
$0-$20 Sliding Scale
Full Event Listing

We’ve got AMAZING workshops going on (details below). Sitting around on a Saturday afternoon not your thing? Then explore our vendors (details below- check out the zine table for teens! and skateboarding for girls!) or listen to poetry, live music, or just chill and make some new friends. At Ladyfest there is something for everyone.

Southpaw Polymer (http://facebook.com/SouthpawPolymer)
Brilliant Bedazzles (http://brilliantbedazzles.tumblr.com/)
Moco Gallery (http://mocooakland.com/)
Fustercluck Zine (www.facebook.com/fustercluckzine )
How Are Your Insides? (feminist, self-care, & poetry zines)
Zines for Teens by the Oakland Public Libary

All proceeds to benefit A Safe Place (Oakland) and St. James Infirmary (SF).


1000221_10151744339808536_963842246_nRock the Bells
Shoreline Amphiteater, SF
September 14 & 15
One Amphitheater Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Doors @ 10am
All Ages
Rain or Shine
Buy Tix

*listed in alphabetical order / line-up subject to change

A$AP MOB (featuring A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Ant, A$AP Twelvy, and A$AP Nast)

Full Artist Lineup click here






1187281_10201168385824491_597251150_nViva Tamales!
La Borinqueña Mex-icatessen & Specialty Shop
582 7th Street, Oakland
12 p.m. – 4 p.m.
$15 Advance / $20 Door
Buy Tix
Come celebrate Mexican Independence Day in the garden at La Borinquena Mex-icatessen!

Oakland’s food artisans will compete for the title of top masa in three categories — meat, vegetarian/vegan, and wildcard. Come taste the diversity of tamale styles and flavors — from Mexican to South American.

A ticket entitles you to a taste of all of the entries as well as a vote to choose who you think is Top Tamale! Read more about our competitors here.

All proceeds benefit La Clinica de la Raza’s educational programs. La Clinica has been providing quality accessible healthcare in Oakland for 40 years.

Local Beer & House Made Sangria will be available for sale

DJ Crimson (Record Rockers / MOM)
El Kool Kyle (El Superritmo)
Spinning cumbia, salsa, and other dancefloor favorites!

Author Ruben Llamas “Eye from the Edge” Book Signing
West Oakland comes to life as Llamas gives texture to its history with memories from his daily life as he depicts the area from pre-World War II through the 1960’s. His ascendancy from shopping cart boy to vice president of a drugstore chain is admirable and makes for a good read.

Family Friendly!


1234229_460386660726977_1207020374_nLadyfest Keynote
Julia Serrano
Adobe Books
3130 24th St, SF
Doors at 5:30
Talk from 6-7 followed by Q & A
Sliding Scale $0-20
Refreshments will be sold

Julia Serano is an Oakland, California-based writer, performer, and activist. She is best known for her 2007 book Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity, which garnered rave reviews—The Advocate placed it on their list of “Best Non-Fiction Transgender Books,” and readers of Ms. Magazine ranked it #16 on their list of the “100 Best Non-Fiction Books of All Time.” Her other writings have appeared in anthologies (including Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape, Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation and Word Warriors: 30 Leaders in the Women’s Spoken Word Movement) and in feminist, queer, pop culture and literary magazines and websites such as Bitch Magazine, AlterNet.org, Out, Ms. Magazine blog, Feministing.com, and make/shift. Julia’s second full-length book, Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive, will be published by Seal Press in October, 2013.

Julia’s talk, “Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive,” will discuss the some of the major themes from her forthcoming book: While feminist and queer/LGBTQIA+ movements are designed to challenge sexism, they often simultaneously police gender and sexuality within their own ranks—sometimes just as fiercely as the straight male-centric mainstream does. This inevitably results in far smaller movements with far more narrow and distorted agendas. Here, Julia Serano will forward a more holistic approach to fighting sexism that avoids these pitfalls, and offers new ways of thinking about gender, sexuality, sexism, and marginalization that foster inclusivity rather than exclusivity. Specifically, she makes the case that, rather than only addressing one or a few specific forms of sexism at a time (which results in some people’s identities and experiences being erased), we should recognize that there are myriad double standards. Julia offers new strategies to challenge all double standards, rather than merely those that we personally experience or are already familiar with. She also explains how double standards arise and how they are used to invalidate other people in a more general sense. This is crucial, because if we can learn to recognize the hallmarks shared by all forms of sexism and marginalization, we can better avoid delegitimizing and excluding others

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