The word has come down from Mr. Frazier that “court” has decided to not allow the Citizens Police Review Board to set up the intake office for complaints against members of the police force.

We do not really know why. They did not say.

One informed guess that I heard was that the Oakland Police Officer’s Association might be more cooperative with the “court” trying to get compliance with the Negotiated Settlement Agreement that should finally move us past the Riders case if they retain control of complaints against the police in police hands.

That means if you have an issue with the police, you have to go to the police to file your complaint.

Seems like only last week, because it was only last week, that the same Mr. Frazier had no objection to the police abuse complaints intake being in citizen hands.

It was City Administrator Deeana Santana who was obstructing this small amount of citizen control of the police. She did not say why either. She just blew off the decisions of our city council and just hijacked the funds set aside for the Citizen’s Police Review Board and started to hire new intake officers back inside the Police Department Internal Affairs.

In other words our elected government decided to make this move and she decided to flat out ignore it and nobody told us why.

So we do not know why both Santana and Frazier are blocking this simple reform and over ruling the decision of our elected government. Our police are not in court receivership yet, but it seems that we have lost control anyway.

So the question remains WHO. Who is so damn determined to keep complaints against the police in police hands?

Having such complaints in Internal Affairs hands certainly does not stop the lawsuits. At 58 million dollars over the last 10 reported years of settlement payouts I wonder who the constituency for the status quo oversight could be.

Who was able to sell the idea of undercutting our council to our court appointed compliance director? Isn’t he supposed to leading us to a better police force?

Who put the pressure on our city administrator to keep complaints in Internal Affairs?

If we have the support of all of the council and the mayor for the Citizen’s Police Review Board, then why is there some kind of resistance? Did Santana and Frazier make these decisions at the request of nobody?

Who has so much pull that they can have this much influence without any of it coming out in the press?

Well, we can guess who and we can guess why.

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  1. Oakie

    Yes, the Oakland Plantation Overseer has spoiled the plans of PUEBLO to game the complaint system. Given the players on the two sides of this drama makes me wish a pox on all their houses, including Frazier, Henderson, OPOA and PUEBLO and city clowncil members pushing this. None of them have Oakland’s best interests at heart.

    Why not focus your attention on something that could actually REDUCE THE NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS by documenting all interactions between Oakland cops and the public:

    This system cost $100k (a tiny fraction of what we are obligated to pay for Frazier and his private posse imposed on us by an unelected lifetime appointed federal judge).

    That provides 54 cameras reused and reassigned as cops go on shift and come off shift, tracked so that all recordings are properly assigned to the officer being recorder, supposedly tamper proof and encrypted.

    It resulted in a 60% REDUCTION IN “USE OF FORCE” INSTANCES.

    It resulted in an 88% REDUCTION IN OFFICER COMPLAINTS.

    “It keeps everyone honest.” This is bad for rogue cops, good for the honest cops, bad for citizens wishing to falsely testify against cops, good for protecting citizens from abusive behavior by cops.

    Oh, it’s also bad for John Burris. That’s the icing on the cake.



    And, Mr. Macleay, why aren’t you using your voice pushing for something to reduce the problem rather than trying to game the complaint system?

  2. Len Raphael

    OK, I give up. Who pressured Frazier to retract his support of civilianizing police complaints.

    The prime suspects would be OPOA (Police Association) and John Burris.

    Even though Attorney Burris and associates have received a hefty percentage of the millions in settlements, it would be too strange for Burris to try to keep a good thing going this way.

    So that leaves the OPOA.

    But really what leverage do they have over Frazier? They can’t strike. They couldn’t work any less enthusiastically than they do now. All they could do, and it might have been enough, was to threaten to tie up the complaint handling transition with a lawsuit making it harder for Frazier to wrap up the NSA’s over extended visit to Oakland.

    Part of the problem was the Mayor cutting a deal with the Feds to avoid full receivership of OPD. Frazier has no incentive an no responsibility to do anything to improve public safety. He just needs to show the judge that OPD passes the formal paper pushing requirements of the NSA tests and he can get out of the Oakland sinkhole..

    (btw, OPD has had portable video cameras for at least a couple of years. Not the latest and greatest but good enough if they were required to be used . Problem seems to be OPD procedure and management, not technical.)


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