The Administration is embarking on a several-month process to conduct a national search for a permanent Police Chief for the Oakland Police Department (OPD). Our goal is to ensure that the best and brightest candidates emerge from a nationwide recruitment process that reflects the values of the community we serve and the Police Department workforce.
The Administation will engage the community and the Police Department workforce early on, including targeted outreach to our diverse and multi-lingual communities to ensure that the best possible candidates are considered in the selection of a successful permanent Police Chief.
There are a number of ways you can provide input: community meetingsan online survey availabile in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese; emailing your input directly to, participating in an online conversation or by calling 510-238-2300. Input will be considered throughout the entire candidate evaluation process right up to the appointment of the permanent Police Chief.
The community survey and facilitated discussions at community meetings will focus on five questions:
1. What are the most important issues/priorities that you would like the new Police Chief to address?
2. What experience and track record should the new Police Chief have?
3. What skills and characteristics are the most critical for a new Police Chief to succeed in Oakland?
4. Is there anything else you would like the City to consider when selecting the new Police Chief?
5. What are you willing to do or contribute to help the new Police Chief?
The recruitment schedule is presented below:


Tentative Schedule
Community and Stakeholder Outreach Meetings
Release of Position Profile Brochure/Advertise Position
November 1
Open Application Period
November 1 – 29
Screening of Candidates
Selection Process
January-March 2014

Your input will help make this recruitment a success. We invite you to weigh in and help us select a high-caliber, permanent Police Chief whose skills, values and experience will serve our community well.

3 Responses

  1. R2D2II

    Yet another effort by the Quan administration to get the maximum PR out of a badly mangled relationship with OPD.

    Remember that Quan’s (and the Council’s) lack of support for Chief Batts resulted in his loss to Oakland (there was a major citizen-led process during the Dellums administration for choosing Batts).

    Chief Jordan left at least in part because he was inadequately supported by city hall policy. Then there was a Chief-for-the-day before Whent was “chosen” by Quan and her gang.

    The problem is not with who is the Chief. The problem is the disconnected and inept Mayor and Council.

    Rather than worrying about a new Chief (who will be equally unsupported as any of the recent ones) Oakland should be establishing an office of Police Commissioner to take civilian control of OPD out of the hands of the incompetents.

  2. R2D2II

    A further observation: before selecting a new Chief the Quan administration should have a clear idea of what he or she would be expected to do.

    That expectation would be contained in a public safety plan for Oakland.

    Which is something that Quan refuses to write.

  3. Rasheed

    The City of Oakland police needs a Chief that is Accountable and Honesty. With that being said “Office of Police Commissioner”


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