Man, Oaklanders are a feisty bunch! You just have to look at the list of most read stories from the past 30 days to see that we want to solve problems, fight back, and have the last word (cause we deserve it, right?) We spent part of the weekend out having fun, and then came home and enjoyed Oakland photog Howard Dyckoff’s shots of Dia de las Muertas in the Fruitvale this past Saturday.

The top read of the month for our readers was Steven Tavares’ story from EBC on Coliseum City developers seeking a one year extension of the negotiating agreement. What is your view on that? It’s not too late to share in the comments.

The next two most-clicked on reads on OL in October were TC Duong’s thoughtful essay on food justice and body love, aka don’t hate on fat people to make your everyone deserves healthy food speech, and Laura McCamy’s chilling–and informing–article on how we can all help keep the local bees in our ecosystem from not being poisoned.

Community contributor Alex ended up in this month’s top reads as well, with a story on how to reduce APL picking–thefts of portables and handhelds--using some tools embedded the new Apple IOS 7.  We also had strong readers for this story on Oakland artist Lisa Congdon fighting back when a gift manufacturer used her art without licensing, and this piece Susan wrote about big site Gawker getting down on Oaklanders for private patrols–and city residents coming into the comments on Gawker and saying really sharp things and holding their own.

Another piece that was recently posted and is getting strong traffic –is by local music producer JT Moyer, who explains–with great data and thoughtfulness–“Why I’m Sending My Child to an Underperforming Public School.” If you want to improve schools in the city, this parent’s take is a must-read.

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