This past Thursday, over 100 friends and supporters of business and tech innovation advocacy group 2.Oakland held a holiday party that also put a spotlight on some of Oakland’s newest and brightest start-up companies.

Hosted at Port Workspaces at 101 Broadway, a co-working facility where several of the featured startups currently work, the holiday event featured food such as pumpkin polenta prepared by Oakland chef Robert Dorsey III and music by DJ Miles Green of

Karen Wertman, Joel Pool, and Neil Planchon of 2.Oakland, [front], and Jenny Ferrando [back] of Port Workspaces.

Co-chair Karen Wertman opened the event by explaining the role of 2.Oakland in helping tech companies choose Oakland. “2.Oakland members are people like you and me, we are entrepreneurs, we’re publishers, we’re journalists,  we’re start-ups, we’re technologists,” she said. “We’re people who really have a vision for Oakland.  Not just the restaurants, not not just the art scene or less expensive real estate, but tech-innovation hubs!  And this,” waving around the room, “is a testament to that vision.”

Wertman continued by recognizing people working on the 2.Oakland steering committee and many of the sponsors of the event.

Among the start-up companies giving lightning talks and product pitches,  were  the Oakland Technology Exchange or OTX, a long-standing West Oakland resource which refurbishes donated computers and provides them to OUSD and to  low-income community members, and  startup Clef, whose product is a mobile security app that replaces user-names and passwords by linking logons to user smartphones.  OTX has donated over 10,000 computers to schools and community centers across Oakland and has diverted over 700 tons of electronic waste from landfills.

Among other startups presenting at the holiday party were Lucid for energy efficiency, Mothership Hacker MomsBetter Ventures, Feykena,  and Rally-Call, an app that creates an instant group phone call.

Susan Mernit of Oakland Local asked asked tech companies and entrepreneurs to list their businesses in the new Live Work Oakland , a resource guide for local firms involved in new technology and innovation, created in partnership with the Kapor Center for Social Impact (Link to list here.)

2.Oakland started in 2010 as InOak, with founders Joe Kennedy of Pandora, Patrick Hurley of Skytide, Alex Bernstein of North Social and other Oakland business leaders  The name changed to 2.Oakland in 2012 reflect its focus on innovation and re-invention.

Below are images from this event.  The complete album is available at this link.



























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