If Councilmember Libby Schaaf  and some suporters have their way, circus’ visiting Oakland–like the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus–which come to the Oracle Arena every year– will have to observe a local ordinance–proposed by Schaaf–that restricts the use of bullhooks on elephants within city limits.

According to reporting from The East Bay Citizen,  Schaaf says her ordinance is one-year-in-the-making and “creates regulations where there were none before.” The proposed ordinance will be heard at next heard at Tuesday’s Oakland City Council Public Safety Committee and is supported by PETA–, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the Oakland Zoo and The Humane Society of America.

Interesting, the city would impose these requirements through modifying the special events permitting process, meaning that organizations filing for event permits at the Eastmont Special Events permit center would need to attest they were following these rules if specific types of live animals were involved.

According to EBC, at the Nov. 25 meeting of the Coliseum Joint Powers Authority, a staff member for AEG, which operates O.co Coliseum and Oracle Arena, said Feld Entertainment and its other properties, including Disney on Ice, generate $1 million in revenue for the two facilities, but “added Feld had also indicated the stronger ordinance would force it to book the circus at San Jose’s SAP Center or the Cow Palace in Daly City.”

However, Tavares also reports that Schaaf says that Feld Entertainment has made assurances the circus would remain in Oakland under the current legislation.


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  1. valeriewoakland

    It is time for Oakland to to say “No” to the culture of animal cruelty, no matter how pretty a costume it is wearing. Cruelty should never be promoted as part of entertainment, and we should not be teaching our children acceptance of it in any form. A quick google search will yield a great number of entries about the link between animal cruelty and human violence.

  2. OaklandNative

    Libby just announced that she’s running for mayor. She doesn’t come out with any clear platform. Then she pops up with this.

    Not a good sign Libby.

  3. R2D2II

    “Libby just announced that she’s running for mayor. She doesn’t come out with any clear platform. Then she pops up with this.”

    Classical Schaaf.

  4. Len Raphael

    Can’t blame any candidate for skipping the controversial unpleasant issues and going for the warm fuzzie’s. Rare anywhere to get elected for “speaking truth to power.”

    In Quan and Schaaf’s case, you can look at their record, not at their campaign speeches.

    Tuman and Parker have to walk the line between being all things to all people and convincing people to vote for them over the others.


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