Manna Gallery presents “Mix and Match: Collecting Whimsy in the Age of Eye”, A Special Installation by Byron Spicer

Exhibition opens First Friday, January 3 and continues through Saturday, February 1.  A reception for Byron happens First Saturday, January 4, from 2 to 4 pm.  Byron Spicer was raised in San Francisco in a time of cultural and political upheaval. He went on to study art and art history at U.C. Berkeley where he was stuck by the sheer volume and variety of art through time. Each of his tiny acrylic paintings portrays one perspective in our world of many views. Mix and Match; Collecting Whimsy in the Age of Eye asks for active participation. Viewers are encouraged to compose their own narratives or poems choosing from a palette of hundreds of unique paintings. Manna Gallery is located at 473 25th St. Oakland, CA,  Hours are 12 to 5 pm Fridays and Saturdays and by appointment.

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